Pearl Jam & Matt Dillon Supergroup Citizen Dick Set To Finally Release “Touch Me, I’m Dick”

In Cameron Crowe’s 1992 film Singles, Matt Dillon played Cliff Poncier, the frontman of the fictional rock band Citizen Dick. The band also featured Pearl Jam members Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, and Stone Gossard. The band had a song called “Touch Me, I’m Dick,” in the film, essentially their own version of Mudhoney’s real life song “Touch Me I’m Sick.” The track will finally be released as a 7 inch single on Record Store Day (April 18th).

You can see fictional Citizen Dick’s fictional album tracklisting and live show posters below!

Citizen Dick album tracklisting:
1. Mist of Pain
2. Stomach of Chaos
3. Doghouse Blues
4. Louder Than Larry (Steiner)
5. Touch Me, I’m Dick
6. Rebound
7. Can’t Go 3 Days (W/O Drinking)
8. Bust of the Boz




  • God


  • Bram

    Looking forward to this

  • Ben

    A lot of those track names sound like they could fit right on a Mayan BS fictional album.

  • B.v

    I honestly thought this was an early April fools joke. Cool to see it´s not 🙂