Pearl Jam, Mad Season, GNR & Mudhoney Members Announce Iggy Pop Tribute Show

Demetrios is reporting that Mudhoney’s Mark Arm will join Mike McCready (Pearl Jam/Mad Season), Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver/Mad Season), and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees/Mad Season) to pay tribute to Iggy Pop for ‘Raw Power: A Tribute To Iggy and the Stooges’ on August 23rd on the roof of Pike Place Market in Seattle. Proceeds will support Pike Place Market Foundation.

The trio of McCready, Martin, and McKagan served as the core lineup for Mad Season’s recent projects in the last couple of years, including new tracks recorded with Mark Lanegan and the January 2015 Sonic Evolution concert with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.


The Mad Season/Seattle Symphony “Sonic Evolution” Benaroya Hall LP and CD are now available for pre-order.

On January 30, 2015, surviving Mad Season members Mike McCready and Barrett Martin performed selections from the band’s repertoire at the Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Evolution concert, with conductor Ludovic Morlot and guest artists including Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell (filling in for the late Layne Staley), Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan (filling in for the late John Baker Saunders).

The Mad Season performance also included guests Jeff Angell, Kim Virant, Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains), Skerik, and Tim Dijulio. The night also included an appearances from Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard who alongside Cornell, McCready, and Cameron, performed songs as Temple Of The Dog.

This event was the result of a year-long artistic collaboration between Mike McCready and Seattle Symphony Music Director Ludovic Morlot. Proceeds from the album sales will benefit the Seattle Symphony and the Vitalogy Foundation.

1. Waking The Horizon (McCready w/ Symphony)
2. Long Gone Day – Mad Season w/ Symphony
3. River Of Deceit – Mad Season w/ Symphony
4. I Don’t Know Anything – Mad Season w/ Symphony
5. Wake Up – Mad Season
6. Lifeless Dead – Mad Season
7. Above – Mad Season
8. Call Me A Dog – Temple Of The Dog
9. Reach Down – Temple Of The Dog
10. All Alone – Mad Season

Mad Season have also released a new video where Mike McCready and Barrett Martin discuss their iconic 1995 Moore Theater concert, promoting the Live at the Moore release which will coincide with the Benayora Hall release. McCready said, “I was just nervous about it. We had a big budget video thing for $50,000 or something, and as a 26 year old, I didn’t want to have any kind of responsibility, outside of playing music with these guys.”

  • Boom

    The young punks do the listen up. Put down the shit music you do the listening to. Put down the gadget. Put down the toys. Pick up the music of the Stooges. Boom been telling the people for long as site of music reports been here to rock the fuck out to Stooges. Boom sure nobody listen to Boom but listen now. Listen to the Stooges. Boom got the health back and now Boom go to the Seattle for this show and rock out like did do back in the ’72 at the Rainbow on the Sunset strip. Boom fucking dig Stooges.

    Boom out!!

    Now go rock the fuck out to the Raw Power.

    • God

      The God and Boom both love the Stooges, this is why we are BFFs

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        Boom know nothing about what this bffs is. But Boom very happy the God be fan of Stooges.

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  • Thelonious Funk

    FFS Iggy, put a shirt on

    • Corndog

      Leave him be. I just hope i look that good when i’m 125 years old.

      • Boom

        Boom dig no wearing shirt. Boom rock the fuck out on the bass with no shirt. The rocker bitches fucking dig all Booms scars and hair.

        Boom out!!

  • Ubee Fako

    Uh, folks, KEEP OUT OF THE SUN!!

    • Boom

      The sun is good for mind and body. Tip from Boom, get out of house and enjoy some sun, leave keyboard indoors.

      Boom out!!

  • fuck them

    wish i could be there

  • dakotablue

    Sounds like a great show. Brett, maybe you could dig up some photos of young Iggy–he was beautiful (maybe hard to believe looking at the shot in this story). I remember his huge eyes, long eyelashes and dog collar.

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