Pearl Jam In Portlandia Coming To IFC

Pearl Jam in Portlandia is coming to IFC on Saturday October 5th at 2:30PM EST. Carrie Brownstein’s chat with Pearl Jam will air throughout the Portlandia marathon, and according to previews this will be new footage that was not seen in Pearl Jam’s recent Lightning Bolt short film. Eddie Vedder made an appearance on Portlandia last year.


  • Balls

    Holy fucking shit fuck balls say. When the fuck did why the fuck did the Vedder to on the TV show. Fucking news to Balls this is.

    You see Pearl Jam has been Balls favorite band for last 20 years and seen them Balls did in Seattle back in 90s. Balls hung out with the Big Unit at the fucking off ramp. Balls figures the Vedder still rocks the fuck out but this TV shit needs to stop. Balls is all fucker up and can’t think straight now. This shit pisses me off. Gonna go in the garage and smash a bunch of shit. Old as fuck and lose my mind sometimes you fucking kids. Spoiled kids and their fuckin toys.

    • Boom

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  • fsh

    Thats actually pretty funny.

  • Boom

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    • Boom

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  • Taint

    Taint is not happy with the Vedder selling out to some TV Show. Taint wants him to go back to rebel eddiie days of 1994 against Ticketmaster. Angry Vedder is good vedder to Taint.

  • poptart

    I love Portlandia and it’s things like this that make EV endearing. Now if he’d just give up some of the control of PJ…oh well. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the interview footage.

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  • darkdragon

    In the 90s everyone loved Pearl Jam even the jocks and the frat boys and now they are just pandering to the hipsters. Sad.

  • GoodNPlenTy

    Pearl Jam EV these days is perfect for the show which to me isn’t funny at all. But if you like shit comedy like that then more power to you. EV can’t act for shit but is famous still so he can just show up and do a bit part.

    The other posts about boom, balls, etc and other losers shows how this site is a troll magnet like it always has been. None of it is funny. Just nonsense by guys most likely who are dual posters since sometimes they slip out of their persona because they really want to add something more than 4th grade humor.

    • Boom

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      • Casey

        “Boom only comment about the music”

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  • Boom

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