• Scott

    There is no way Jeff endorsed this piece of shit vlogger. His videos are crap his topics are unoriginal and the only support he’s getting is from people who are too nice to tell him it sucks. Stop promoting this guy. He needs to be buried and these videos need to disappear. Just total rubbish.

  • Kirk

    Lol this guy is too funny!
    Jeff got some serious respect.
    Makes me wana buy one.

  • Dreux

    Whether or not you like this guy, Jeff Ament is one cool motherfucker. And lighten up, Scott. The guy makes videos on Youtube, he isn’t chasing around Eddie Vedder with a camera and asking him demeaning questions. You almost sound jealous. You don’t have to be ashamed of it, I’m jealous, too. And I’m not even a huge PJ fan.

  • trox

    Dreux = piece of shit!

  • wes. c. adle

    no, Scott is right.

    I am a huge huge PJ fan, but this show make me ashamed to be one sometimes. this guy is a joke. I watched the first show and it was god awful. Zero personality, and worse is that people endorse it, and now this guy thinks he is something special. It’s a tough watch, and the guy is a complete tool.

  • Paul

    1st off, I dont think Im something special. 2nd if you trolls can do a better job than show us ALL what you got. Come up with episode ideas, film yourself talking. And share your masterpieces with the world.
    All i do is talk about my fav band of all time and help spread the love. And try to be funny. Like it or not.
    Its easy to judge but can you follow thru?
    Go on Im waiting…Mr and Mrs Scorsese.

  • g

    hard to watch

  • Pamela

    Wow, harsh. I like the show. Its not fancy but i see a real guy who just is sharing his love of pearl jam with us.
    No need to be so mean. It must be hard to put yourself out there with ppl like you.
    Good for him! At least he had balls to do it. You guys are jealous and he didnt even get a bass from Jeff. It was a spoof.

  • Superunknown

    “Which is what you’re watching, THE PJ SHOW…shot from my parents dining room table…”

    LOL. This guy is such a fucking tool.

  • Andrei

    You’re all a bunch of assholes.

    This guy is like the greatest PJ fan out there.

    When he started out his show I signed up and I won a Mike McCready pick that he sent me all the way from Canada. He’s a really cool guy. But some assholes are just gonna be assholes.

    So back the fuck off.

  • be

    Fuck you guys! Don’t make fun of me!
    Eddie is God!

  • wes. c. adle

    um no andrei,

    you are wrong on this one. This guy is a complete toolbag.

    Like superunkown said… shot in his parents dining room. Maybe if this shumck had a real job he could buy a bass guitar, rather than put this bile on the internet.

    just because he makes some garbage show and sends a guitar pic means absolutley nothing.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    wow, its just a youtube video, you don’t have to watch it if you don’t like it. he is making 0 dollars from making this vids.

  • JJ

    Where is the “DISLIKE” button here!!!

  • Andrei

    @wes. c. adle My opinion is that the total toolbag here is you.

  • Dreux

    This guy may be a “loser” or a “fanboy”, but there’s nothing about him that repulses me. He’s not making money off these videos, he did get a bass, so what? They’re just shitty little Youtube videos celebrating his fandom, which I admit borders on obsession (which is never healthy).

  • Chadsterr

    You guys shit on the dude and havnt even seen the vid??
    He never got a bass. It was a big fuckin joke you nimrods.
    Talk about jealous losers.

  • wes. c. adle

    ok andrei you and Fanboy here can continue living in your parents basements.