• Kyle

    Damnit, fuck I live in Philly. Don’t have tickets to this.

  • kimberly

    YESSSS. I’ve been waiting for this!!!

  • Lennart

    Meaning TOTD. if they don’t do that, it would be retarded, lol.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    It would be nice if they busted out your savior or basically any of the songs they haven’t done in previous totd reunions.

  • Jcon

    Kyle, single day passes go on sale Friday. I just can’t wait!!!

  • ross

    they will play the typical totd songs…when woulf they have time to rehearse different tunes?

  • Julie Paradise

    Great, I live in Pennsylvania and I just spent most of my bank account on tickets to see Primus. Hopefully this won’t be sold out by the time I have money again.

  • Calvin McLain

    Still brings a smile to my face whenever I think about the first reunion that I ever saw October 28th, 2003 @ Santa Barbara Bowl. I even remember my seat section/number and I told my Family how big this show was gonna be, since it was a cancer benefit show. So the Old Man bought 4 tickets way closer then where my pair was, so we got to move up even closer and sit with my Parents. When Cornell came out I almost lost my shit. My Mom said I looked how I did when I was 5 years old and it was Christmas morning or my Birthday. What a glorious show! I’d love to make my way out to Philly for this, and if I get a settlement from an insurance company by September it just may happen…

    I do think they will play the same ol’ Say Hello, Reach Down, Hunger Strike and maybe Call Me a Dog and All Night Thing. But I could listen to them play those same songs time and time again.

  • SuperSG

    Thank you Brett! You answered my pleas for SG/Cornell news!

  • SuperSG

    In my opinion it should be
    pearl jam
    jill scott

  • MindRiot132

    About to buy my ticket! TOTD baby!!

  • SuperSG

    ok, time for a little debate and angry comments… poll: who is the better of the two singers right now? Chris Cornell / Eddie Vedder?

  • lol

    poll: who is the better of the two singers right now? Chris Cornell / Eddie Vedder?


  • lol


    Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell – Hunger Strike (Temple Of The Dog Reunion) PJ20 Alpine Valley 9/3/11



  • Max

    God, besides those 2 and Run DMC that lineup looks horrible.

  • Calvin McLain

    I think EV always sounds good. Cornell can be hit or miss. But as of late, I haven’t heard Cornell sound bad since 2010 live. And I have been enjoying Cornell’s solo set lists better then EV’s due to his lack of originality in it. But straight vocals I don’t want to bitch out here, but I’d say for the highs it’s Cornell and the lows it’s Vedder. Which makes them such a lethal combo. A tie between the two legends.

  • Loder


  • Pete

    Kind of looks like it will be a Drake+Pearl Jam TOTD reunion.

  • SuperSG

    damn, i actually sparked some opinionating… But not debating! some back and forth would be appreciated.

  • SuperSG

    My vote, as my name indicates an uber- Soundgarden fan: Chris Jesus Christ (Pose) Cornell.

  • chicago_animal

    Im not trolling but this lineup sucks. Maybe cause the lineup is all over the place. Also, isnt Drake a Canadian? And why is he billed over Chris Cornell? hard to listen to his crap then go into PJ.

  • SuperSG

    just bring earplugs while Drake succeeds to rap.badly.

  • meghan

    I think Chris Cornell is the better singer….just my opinion

  • Brett Weir

    Not for nothing Brett, but the headline is more than a little misleading. “Chris Cornell & Pearl Jam to play Made in America Festival” almost directly implies them playing together.
    “Chris Cornell added to Made in America lineup. . . . could another TOTD reunion be in the works?” would more accurately describe the situation.

    Am I splitting hairs? Yeah, probably, but it’s how I read it.

    (with that being said, I love the changes to the site, good work)

  • http://deleted SuperSG

    what brett weir said is true. You, our beloved Author, have indeed misled us. CC isnt TOTDing with PJ, he is a seperate act.

  • tino

    i love eddie vedder , but cornell is the best singer in the world period