Pat Smear Was ‘Covered In Blood’ At Recent Foo Fighters Rehearsal

Ted Stryker and Rosie Pierri recently interviewed Dave Grohl on the red carpet at the American Music Awards 2013. Dave Grohl discussed Pat Smear being ‘covered in blood’ because he was playing so hard during Foo Fighters’ first rehearsal for their upcoming Mexico shows, giving a backstory to the recent Foo Fighters Twitter picture. Watch the full interview below.


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  • Boom

    The Smear rock the fuck out with the Germs in days gone by.

    Team Boom listen. Boom all fuckered up, fell off wagon he did. Fuck this shit. Boom out!!
    You go rock the fuck out. Boom music turned off for first time since 1980’s in the Cabo Mexico.

    • Fred Bob

      Sorry to hear that boom, hope u get back to it

      • Boom

        The Fred Bob. Boom thank you for kindness. You see as Boom say before, 58 old as fuck. Many heroin and acid drugs Boom did through ’70’s and ’80’s as well as many pills and the demon Booze.

        Boom fall off wagon and get all fuckered up. Depressed and no airtime for the music. Music heals and no music play. Maybe. It like the ‘Mad Season’ “River of Deceit”

        Boom’s pain is self chosen.
        TeM Boom to rock the fuck out to ‘Mad Season now. The Staley and Boom story very similar almost to T. No ending to Boom story yet.
        Boom out!!

        • Duncan

          the river of deceit goes down.

    • ShaneC

      Boom, there’s never a good reason to turn the music off.

      Crank it!

  • Chris J.

    Told ya? Smear’s pick…

    • Duncan

      fuck you

  • Adam

    Oh yea, foofighters are SOOOOO hardcore (laughs).

    Get ready for the new single ready to blare out of corporate radio and soccer mom’s minivans.

    • whisky

      Soccer moms are people too. And some of them have nice asses.

      • Duncan

        with used up gaping assholes

        • whisky

          If their assholes are gaping, that just means they’re up for some action, bro. Always value a woman who will happily gape that ass…

          • Duncan

            yer right. lets go fuck some hoes! i like you

      • ShaneC

        Soccer moms love balls.

  • Duncan

    I work with a woman who loves them, a future soccer mom type with a tight ass who still doesnt know how to fuck and liked to listen to them when her and her dumbass friends get drunk.

    All of you motherfuckers who like them can suck my dick or cock

    • whisky

      Dick OR cock? So… You have both? No offense, dude, but that’s kind of fucked up? Then again, it’d be sort if handy for going double-time on the wife, I suppose…

  • Adam

    Soccer moms are indeed people, but their musical taste is notoriously bad. I bet foo fighters songs sharing space in their playlists with john mayer, nickelback and journey.

  • Roy

    The fact that the foo fighters took a picture of this and then posted it for the world to see shows me that they want to show the world how “real” and “hardcore” they are.

    I predict grohl will be guesting on taylor swift’s new song and producing the next american idol winner.



  • Fred Bob

    People take Foo’s way too seriously, so what if ‘soccer mom’s’ like it? Nate and Dave say it in interviews that its not necessarily life changing music… The reason that people take them to their hearts is that many songs are sung about adversity and coming through it and its performed with passion …. Dave doesnt need to plumb the depths like some of his peers did or cover as much ground… I loved the first 3 albums, and after that its a mixed bag with WL raising the standard again (but not to the first 3) but the thing about Foo’s is that they are a good band with an engaging frontman…Whats wrong with that?

    • Duncan

      soccer moms have hot asses. lets go motorboat some

  • Fred Bob

    It’s all good

  • KT

    All THIS above dribble over a pic and a a little boo boo and some blood?

    Get a grip people this is just PR shit…. Its fun to see them bleed hopefully they all do some cool stuff like the WWF-E and hide a razor blade under there shit and cut there foreheads and bleed all over… see where this can lead…..