Pat Smear Remembers Auditioning For Nirvana

Recently, recently conducted an interview with ex-Germs, ex-Nirvana and Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear touching on a number of subjects, including the Foo Fighters’ new album, joining Nirvana and the history of the Germs from past to future. When asked about the future of the Foo Fighters’ recording process and if they will return to conventional ways of recording, Smear remarked:

“I think at some point that’s going to be the weird quirk. Dave’s gonna go, “Hey, I got this weird idea. Let’s do the next album here in our own studio!” And we’ll all go, “Whoa! No way.” Somewhat conflicting with reports from Dave Grohl recently about a follow-up season to HBO’s Sonic Highways, Smear seemed a little hesitant to the idea because the Foo Fighters “tend not to do repeats, so we’ll just see.”

Smear assures us that the new Foo Fighters album will include more revolutionary concepts, but declined to drop details because “It’s more fun when it’s a surprise”.

As typical with numerous, numerous Foo Fighters members interviews over the years, came the obligatory Nirvana questions. Smear recalled Cobain’s first offer for him to join his band, “At first, I didn’t believe it was him. That was weird, and then he gave me his number, and I was like, ‘Oh shit, it is Kurt.’ And then he just asked if I wanted to be in his band. I was like, ‘Yeah!’ And that was it. [Laughs] That was it.”

Upon first joining, Smear was not required to audition, Kurt told him to “not worry about it”. Upon meeting Novoselic and Grohl for the first time, Smear said that “Krist and Dave were really personable guys. They were really welcoming and nice and they tried to make me feel comfortable. We hit it off immediately and we played well together.”

Interestingly enough, Smear revealed that during his days in the Germs, he never owned a guitar but rather “just borrowed from whoever we were playing with”. His first guitar was a Hagström which he purchased right before the Germs’ farewell performance.

Smear also revealed that there are no Germs reunions or shows in the works, mainly because of conflicting schedules between him and revivalist Germs vocalist, actor and musician Shane West. Smear closed the interview with, “We tried to do a gig last month and we just couldn’t work it out between my schedule and Shane’s schedule. He’s filming a TV show in Louisiana and we couldn’t make it happen. When we have a proper break or something, we’ll do it, though.”

Pat Smear, along with the rest of the Foo Fighters, are on tour supporting their new album Sonic Highways and just finished the finale episode of HBO’s Sonic Highways, a documentary style mini-series released conjunct with promotion of the new album.

  • Raj

    Lucky for Pat that Kurt wanted him to join the band so easily. He must have been a big fan of the Germs. Kinda ironic Germs singer Darby Crash also committed suicide. I wonder if Kurt stopped taking Nirvana so seriously near the end. A lot of musicians that have enjoyed big success feel like being in a band and playing tour after tour starts to feels like a regular job.

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    that first paragraph is killing me.

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    HBO’s Sonic Highways

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    His best moment in Nirvana is Live and Loud.

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