Oasis To Make Major Announcement Today

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Oasis has been separated since 2009. Earlier today, the band posted posted a vague video on their Facebook page that hinted at some form of event to occur on February 26th at 9am. You can view the short video below:

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  • ShaneC

    We all know what this is. Unfortunately, I don’t have alot of hope for anything special from these guys in terms of new tunes.

    I used to be a huge fan, so I guess its good they are doing something at least.

  • Pingfah

    They aren’t doing anything, it’s just an album remaster.

  • Courtney Rocks!

    Its a 20th re-release of Definately Maybe boxset remaster thing
    Nothing special.
    I hope theres a 20th boxset of Hole’s Live Through This

  • Plenty Of Gum

    Maybe they will have a branded gum. I would chew that thing silly. Then stick it on the wall.