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Not a review, just random thoughts while I wind down with a glass of bourbon before going to bed (ugh, I think I need to get up in a few hours). I haven’t read any of the previous reviews, so ignore anything I say that you already know- I picked up 22 live CDs (3 of them are for me). Not sure I’ve ever gone through that much cash in less than 5 minutes. Fortunately I still had $5 to get a Willy Mason CD after the show, which he signed for me.

– After waiting years for a US tour, especially after the 2009 cancellation, I had a lot of anticipation. They did not disappoint. And it was more rocking that I expected.

– Raeni, my friend Lynda, and I had our customary front center spot. It was all good, except for the guy who was talking on his cell phone at one point during the show.

– We didn’t hook up with nilbymouth. There was a decent sized crowd by the end of Willy’s set.

– Willy Mason has a really really nice voice, and is a nice guy.

– L.A. Bonus: After Willy did 3 songs with Isobel & the band, Victoria Williams came out and did two songs (along with 2 backing singers – were they at the other shows?). Isobel is producing her album. Who? you say:

– They did Revolver!! still one of my faves.

– Some people were quietly singing along to “Do You Wanna Come Walk With Me”, go figure. After Back Burner, someone yelled “Do that one again”, which got a smile from Mark.

– Didn’t get a setlist, they closed the curtains quickly after the encore; a women next to me crawled on stage and got half of it before they ripped the rest out of her hand.

– According to Mark, the Clippers sucked tonight (as if the Clippers sucking is ever news). And I still wish Donald Sterling would keep his picture out of my morning newspaper.

– LA traffic sucks, but at least the 45 minute drive to get to the El Rey turns into 20 minutes to get home at 12:30am. (I know, Raeni is saying that she’d LOVE to have a drive as short as 45 minutes)

– Got home to find a robocall from Meg Whitman on my answering machine, but even eMeg can’t kill my buzz.

  • Riley R

    🙂 ha i like the eMeg part!