Noel Gallagher Rips Nostalgia: ‘I’ve Never Seen Nirvana, So F***ing What?’

Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher discussed why he doesn’t want to reunite Oasis and his issues with nostalgia in a new Yahoo interview.

“No. I’d do it if I needed the money. If I was broke, I would do it. And I’d be quite frank about that. But I’ve got no need to do it. I couldn’t think of a good enough reason. We could sit and debate and you could throw reasons at me, but musically, what would I want to do that for? I’m not really interested in what fans want. I’m not bothered about that. If you didn’t see us [before], then you didn’t see us. I’ve never seen Nirvana. So f—ing what? The world’s not gonna end. Lots of people never saw the Beatles or the Sex Pistols, and it didn’t make a f—ing bit of difference to music, do you know what I mean? I wouldn’t do it. I don’t need it for the glory; I get enough of that. I don’t need the money. I don’t need the f—ing hassle. I just don’t see a reason. The only reason I would ever do it is if I was broke, or maybe if Liam was broke… And I would f—ing stand in front a room of a thousand people of the press and I would say, ‘This isn’t for musical reasons. I’m broke, so I need to do it.’ And if Liam was broke and he was destitute, then I would f—ing help him out.”

He also said, “If we go back to ’94, when we broke, nobody mentioned anybody reuniting — because we were the big s—, and that was it. We didn’t need anybody else, didn’t need the Beatles anymore from the ’60s or the Pistols or any of that, you know? Our generation had its own thing. This generation doesn’t have it, so they harken back to the last one. It’s nice that they’re talking about my group, my songs, but…”

He added, “It’s all because of the Internet, because you can Google nostalgia quite easily… Enough generations grow up looking back, so nobody’s looking forward, you know? My fear would be, is it gonna take for all of us to die, for the next generation of youth to get something for themselves? Is it gonna take the fact that [the legends have] all gone, they’re all dead? But I believe someone must be around the corner, because there’s not a great band to come along for a long, long time now.”

  • FoxyHound

    It’s nice that he would help out his brother.

  • Kytana Martell

    “Our generation had its own thing. This generation doesn’t have it, so they harken back to the last one. “

    That’s exactly it, we have shit now, that’s why we need the the 90’s bands so much. Noel and the RATM guys got it right, don’t come back and force us to create something new, it’s the only way music will go foward.

  • Eric Aikin

    the pull quote makes it seem like he’s anti-Nirvana, which, in its proper context wasn’t the point. I’m more or less the same age as Noel Gallagher and never saw Nirvana either, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy their music.

    I actually agree with him as far as nostalgia acts – they taint what everyone thinks they remember about the band.

  • Pasta of Muppets

    He is exactly right about this generation not having anything original of its own, and needing to harken back to past generations for musical relevancy