Somebody claiming to be Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd commented on a recent story about a rumored Soundgarden release on Record Store Day in April:

There is NOT going to be a Soundgarden record released this year on record store day. Sorry to disappoint.

Obviously it’s possible that somebody was merely impersonating Ben, but I did think this was interesting so I thought I’d post it.  It would be pretty cool if it really was Ben commenting!

  • GrungeJunkie

    I’ve been on this site from the beginning almost and it’s really been cool to see the expansion of it. Especially the fact that you get contacted by some of these rockers people Brett. Keep this going long enough and you might get interviews with some real heavy hitters. After all, we are their biggest fans. You should consider a facebook page, then you could be a “fan” or whatever of all the bands’ pages and perhaps you’d get noticed by somebody’s manager or assistant. Then maybe we could have a grunge-fan fueled online chat with say, Jerry Cantrell or Chris, or Scott, etc. Maybe I’m just dreaming but it’s a thought. It would be an honor just to say “Jerry, you’re music has gotten me through the darkest times of my life. All your fans’ ears, minds, and souls are enriched by your bottomless pit of creative grunge guitar riffs and songwriting. Keep it up, we all love you”. Anyway, do it up, these guys are having a lot of success but they are more humbled and don’t have as many fans as Justin Bieber for example. Our guys are probably just reveling in the fact that 20+ years later, they are STILL selling Gold and Platinum records with a whole new legion of 20-something fans.

  • Mom in the Box

    Very true Grungejunkie…will Justin Beiber still be making records in 20 years? God I hope not!

  • P-Jam

    Props to getting noticed and expanding, man! I look forward to someday reading your exclusive interviews with the bandmembers! 🙂
    I find myself coming to this site more and more frequently, especially since I had to pick up a 2nd job (3rd if you count 1 day a week on an organic farm), and I don’t have the time to frequent the band’sofficial sites individually. So I come here and get all the headlines I care about in one convieniant place! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • God

    the only places i get my news is ultimate guitar and right here.

  • toyotamanmike

    Well, he had to give an email address in order to leave a comment on this site. Time to do some research, Brett.

  • Andrei

    Search his IP. Is it from Seattle?