Nirvana’s Self-Titled Album To Be Re-Released On Vinyl And Blu-Ray

Continuing with the Nirvana news, Universal Music announced that they will be issuing remastered editions of Nirvana, 2002’s compilation album with the exclusive hit “You Know You’re Right”. Available August 28, 2015, the vinyl release will be available as standard 33rpm and 45rpm double LP editions, the latter a pressing of 200-gram vinyl. Additionally, the album will be available for release as Blu-Ray Pure Audio. The track listing is featured below:

1. “You Know You’re Right”
2. “About A Girl”
3. “Been A Son”
4. “Sliver”
5. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
6. “Come As You Are”
7. “Lithium”
8. “In Bloom”
9. “Heart-Shaped Box”
10. “Pennyroyal Tea”
11. “Rape Me”
12. “Dumb”
13. “All Apologies”
14. “The Man Who Sold The World”

Dave Grohl recently commented on Nirvana’s reunion in 2014, as featured in this article here:

“I think more than angst and gloom and doom there was catharsis,” says Grohl, “and that’s what made the band, the engine that drove the entire thing.”

“I hadn’t heard that sound since Kurt died,” said Grohl regarding his initial reunion rehearsals with surviving Nirvana bandmates Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic. “When we played together, it sounded like Nirvana.”

“I was just the drummer, I could walk in the front door of a Nirvana show and people wouldn’t really recognize me. So I kind of got to experience it all from the outside.

“I’ve seen a lot of my friends have a really hard time with fame. But when the world around you changes it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change with it. I didn’t go and buy a Lamborghini because I had a million dollars. I was excited that so many people liked the music. To walk into a bar and see some kid air drumming to a song I recorded on, I love that. That’s the way I took it in. It doesn’t make me any better than the kid. It’s just kinda cool.”



  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    I loved that vinyl so much. At least we had a good time with YKYR. Isn’t it?

  • Thelonious Funk

    Nirvana’s greatest hits on 45rpm 200gr vinyl? Sounds tasty!

  • Raj

    Still milking a deceased Cobain for every penny, how many more Nirvana remasters?

    • Thelonious Funk

      Gonna remaster that Live at Reading from 2009 next, I bet