Following on the heels of their Bleach and Nevermind reissues, Nirvana have announced a 20th anniversary special edition reissue of their final studio album and arguable masterpiece, In Utero, to be released on September 23 of this year.

The expanded reissue will contain 70 extra tracks across three CDs and one DVD, including unreleased B-sides, demos, and even finished recordings, alongside a recording of Nirvana’s December 13, 1993 Live and Loud show in Seattle’s Pier 48. In addition to the extended version, a single CD remaster will be issued containing the core album.

  • zobi

    wait, did i miss something? what is confirmed here??? what are the 70 tracks? this would be an actual worthwhile news…

  • Ghost

    I’m on board. Sounds like some nice nuggets of extras.

  • unglue

    at least 5 unreleased track? sound interesting.
    hopely Next Year another 20th anniversary box set.

    • Jim Bob

      So far confirmed, an unreleased version of Scentless Apprentice from the Rio session, Dave’s demo of Marigold, and instrumental demos alongside the full album + B sides, the Albini mix, and the Live and Loud CD/DVD.

      • unglued

        Wow cool.

  • J

    1. Will the Albini mixes be included?????????????????????????????????/

  • Belgian Waffled

    I’m definitely getting this… as much as I’d hate to pay Courtney a single dime for music she only helped destroy in the end. IU was my favorite album from Nirvana, ahead of Nevermind even

  • unglued

    Definetely Albini mix will be included. You can see promo design of the new album on amazon Germany. There are different color of cds. One of them must be the albini mix.

  • Anth

    Mojo says only the “Heart-Shaped Box” & “All Apologies” Albini mixes will be included…which makes sense, as they’re the only two that are noticeably different. Disc art is really cool:

    • unglue

      It’s really great collection for any rock fans.
      thanks for your information.

    • BV

      Not sure if the live cd/dvd in the box set is worth an extra $90 over the 2 cd set.

  • Raj

    Sweet, I wasn’t expecting 70 extra tracks. Most of the Nirvana stuff that has come out has been a ton of duplication. Krist has always said all the unreleased Nirvana material is out there but that there’s a lot of video that hasn’t been released so take that for what it’s worth. I’m looking forward to hearing unreleased Nirvana tracks.

  • JG566

    Sounds awesome! All we need now is the Roseland NYC show on DVD.

  • unglue

    It was remasterd at Abbey Road Studio.