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Grohl had other unfinished business for Wasting Light: hearing a Nirvana unplugged vibe on I Should Have Known, he invited Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic to play on the song.

That song wasn’t played at Paladinos, but Grohl dusted off something Novoselic was familiar with: Marigold, the B-side of Heart-Shaped Box and the only solely Grohl-penned song in the Nirvana catalogue.

Problem was, they hadn’t played Marigold in years.

So Grohl booked a tiny LA studio to rehearse the track, with just himself, Novoselic and Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear, the latter once again a permanent Foo Fighter.

It was late at night when some magic happened.

“We ran through the song (Marigold) we were going to play and we thought we were done,” Grohl recalls. “It was just the three of us in the studio and Krist went, ‘You want to play any mouldy oldies?’ And I went, ‘Er, OK’ because we’d never done that. Ever.”

Novoselic had a particular song in mind.

“Krist went, ‘F— it, let’s play (Smells Like) Teen Spirit. And so we played Teen Spirit.”

There were no vocals and no witnesses.

“The only other person in the whole building was Scott who runs the studio. Scott opened up the door and heard us playing Teen Spirit, stopped for a second, looked puzzled and he closed the door.

“After it finished, Scott said, ‘Hey, guys, that one’s pretty good – you should keep it … ‘

  • BillyL

    Great story. To have been a fly on the wall in that studio…

  • Andrei

    Scott doesn’t deserve to own a studio.

  • rocky

    in the old days i would be going down to camden to get my bootleg and a kebab, sob sob

  • AjMajesticals

    That’s pretty effing cool…

  • Boddah

    “mouldy oldies” ha
    its great they were able to rock out to teen spirit after all these years. i bet the energy in that studio was crazy.

  • GrungeJunkie

    Had to have been a fun and sad moment. I hope they would consider doing that for the Lolla crowd this year. 20th anniversary for everything in 2011. Plus Nirvana never played Lolla like they were supposed to back in the 90s. Would be a cool thing to share with the fans. It’s not like his music didn’t and doesn’t still blow people away today. Maybe it’s too painful. Like on the AIC BGWTB tour Jerry didn’t play that song. I was lucky enough to see it live during the club tour before the album dropped. I’ll never forget it

  • Aaron

    maybe for the 20th anniversary they could play some shows and play Nevermind all the way through. Sort of a mini thank-you tour or something. It probably won’t happen but it would be a cool idea. Course Courtney would probably try to stop that from happening some how.:(

  • Pete

    awesome story, good for them lol