From Krist Novoselic’s Twitter:

@catcheringrunge Yes I approve of miley cyrus covering smells like teen spirit.

Kurt Cobain liked Katrina and the Waves.

@Priestsforfree Buck buck bo buck, banana fanna fo fuk – was the working title for Scentless Apprentice. Seriously – listen to the rhythm

  • Dreux

    He’s probably sick of people bugging him about Miley Cyrus’s cover.
    The working title for “Scentless Apprentice” is pretty funny though. It matches the rhythm perfectly.

  • Chris

    I suggest you look up Take That covering Smells Like Teen Spirit, Gary Barlow even does a little dance on Kurts grave while he’s singing

  • slatesphanboi

    Holy smokes that is Krist Novoselic?

    At first I thought it was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn? LOL!

    Ah well we all get older…

  • Portland_Angel

    That’s cute that she tried, unfortunately I think there was more teen angst coming from the flashing lights than from her attempt to “rock out”…

  • finley

    jasperknal’s comment: “shoot youself in your head like kurt? nilson did!!”

    Krist’s response: “@jasperknal Fuck you!”

  • Calvin McCain

    It’s amazing how loud some of those girls can continuously scream. Listen to that first minute those girls are going fucking nuts. Do they pass out mdma and adrenalin at these shows prior?

  • TastesGrungey

    @KristNovoselic I need to hear the version itself, so I only approve of the concept

  • Limo Wreck

    But does he approve of her dance moves/epileptic seizure?

  • Doug

    He looks like Yukon Cornelius now.

  • Max

    I think the scentless apprentice thing is the much better story 😛

  • Megamania

    Doesn’t sound terrible. Either way, who cares? If the song has special meaning for her, I’m glad she chooses to play it.

  • A

    Why does anyone over the age of 18 even give a shit?

  • Jjyinmo

    Ugh, she sounds like she’s killing a cat! Least her band did a good job playing the song. Other than that, it’s pure sacrilege!

  • Michael

    I never want to read a headline like this again…

  • TastesGrungey

    Her backing band has to feel like the biggest bunch of assholes lol

  • Aaron

    who cares, its inevitable that grunge rock will be covered by other artists in the decades to come. its the same as somebody covering the rolling stones or the Beatles and screwing it up or doing an awesome job.

  • Mills

    John Lennon started playing and recording again because of the song “Rock Lobster” by the B-52’s. Because he liked it!! Every music has its place in our culture.

  • alex

    well, my old twitter account got acknowledged in this article (yes, i am catcheringrunge). what i was attempting to see though is whether he thought kurt would approve of it because to be honest, i can’t see kurt as someone approving a pop singer such as miley cyrus singing ‘teen spirit’. i’m not disapproving of her trying and the backing band did well at covering it, but it’s not of her vocal range. she sounded like a cat in pain when trying to do the parts that involved screaming a little.