I read about this a few days ago on the forums, but I didn’t see it for myself until yesterday when I was at Starbucks. Soundgarden’s new song “Halfway There” is Starbucks’ free iTunes song of the week. I strumbled upon a bunch of these right behind the trash/sweeteners yesterday at Starbucks and grabbed one. Bummer that they didn’t have them front and center at the register by the Rod Stewart Christmas album.

  • Deviate

    Weakest song on the album. And this is kind of embarrassing. But oh well.

  • Mr. Spiderman

    No, that bitch ain’t a part of me.

  • Markus

    I love Halfway There, and I’m really glad that Soundgarden has made one sunshine-song like that 🙂 For me it’s the Soundgarden version of Audioslave’s Doesn’t Remind Me.

  • Mark

    It’s a song that one would hear at Starbucks, so I understand.

    Halfway There is a decent song, but it just doesn’t belong on a Soundgarden record… let alone their return record.

  • Craigory52

    The song has grown on me. The first 6 songs on the album are still the best in my eyes but it’s a pretty cool song. I like it better than Rowing. And Mark, that’s exactly what I was thinking as to why this song was selected as free itunes download. You wouldn’t ever hear anything like Blood On The Valley Floor or Nonstate Actor in Starbucks.

  • Craigory52

    And to add on to my comment, it’s a good way to promote the album.

  • fsh

    Love the song. Not sure why everyone is so down on it.

  • Ted

    Smart move on the part of the band and its management. It’s the most accessible song on the album and would sound very at home on top 40 radio formats. Yeah, it’s poppy, but if it gives King Animal more exposure and helps sell more copies, that’s good for fans of the band. I know I want Soundgarden to keep playing live and record more albums.

  • RP

    My two cents: if you only listen to the music, yes, it’s ‘poppy’, soft, radio-friendly. BUT, if you read the lyrics and see it in the context/as part of the entire album, you may realized that it’s a heavy song, in content. This is no happy, uplifting tune. It’s dark and asks hard questions, just like other other songs in the album.