Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron told MTV this according to 96xRock the following 2 weeks ago, I’m surprised nobody picked up on it until now. If you click the link you can hear audio of Matt saying it:

“We’ve got about 13 tracks in various stages of completion. We’re going to finish it up at the end of this month, and for the month of May as well. So by the end of May we should have it done.”

  • shaungreenly


  • warriorwoman

    The album may be done by May, but no guarantees that it will be released anytime soon. I totally respect that the guys are doing this on their own terms and would have it no other way. Quality is the priority here – not expedited mish-mosh!!

  • Gill J

    I guessing it’ll come out late July-early Sept.

  • Scott

    Ok I’m confused cause Mike McCready recently stated that PJ would be in the studio soon and hoped to have a record done by the end of May! Matt working on both at same time??????

  • Ben

    I didn’t expect this. I’m not sure that the album will be finished by then and i would be even more surprised if it was released that soon.

    Not complaining though – as long as it hasn’t been rushed and it is mastered properly, I will be more then happy to hear new Soundgarden sooner then later.

  • Ben

    @ Scott:
    PJ are notorious for running late.
    I do recall an EP for May 2010.

  • Scott

    Matt said they have 13 songs in various stages of completion, so I suppose it’s possible that all of Matt’s drum tracking has been completed so then he could work with PJ while the rest of Soundgarden finish up their parts.

  • Robert

    Wow that fast I am surprise I guess we will hear it probably in the fall.

  • Aaron

    good news guess we’ll see how it pans out.

  • toyotamanmike

    That news just made my day (I mean night).

  • Vinny

    Never in a million years did I ever think that Soundgarden would ever an active recording touring band!

  • Elle

    I really can’t wait,for this album it going to be Awesome!!

  • Pete

    Awesome news. I have no problem waiting for as long as they want to take to release it.

  • soner

    I dont know maybe this recent kerrang report sounds abit exaggerated but just Hetfield(metallica) has had 700 riffs for their new album before heading up the studio.

    it s been almost one and half year since SG cametogether again and it seems they have been lazy or they cant produce enough anymore which i dont wanna believe. Because When you plan to make a label before releasing them, you should have at least 20-30 finished songs to put. And after that the band and producer would eliminate them into 10-12 songs(which believed the best ones) for the CD.

  • cR@zYH4t3R

    Hetfield may have a gazzilion riffs but they all suck. Metallica hasn’t made a decent album since their selftitled. Also not every band works the same way. You can’t call SG lazy! Soundgarden are re-working on already existing ideas, and not writing new ones. They picked those 12 – 13 songs that they thought are really worth working on. And i’m pretty sure they had other ideas to pick but they decided to focus on the ones they think that are worthy to work on. I also like the fact that they’re taking their time with this. No rush whatsoever.

  • Andrei

    What will be done? Recording or everything including mastering and shit? Anyway, even if it’s done, I don’t think it will get released sooner than August.

    I like how many great bands are releasing albums this year.

    I’m super excited for the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album — they just finished mastering it. It will come out this August.

    Hence the parallelism.

  • PA

    seriously worrying about a pearl jam album when soundgarden haven’t released one in 15 yrs is pretty dumb. Personally pj should look for another drummer anyway. Matt belongs in SG.

  • Homerbreyn

    one word: Unreal

  • Tadgarden

    +1 to PA – purrrljam need a new drummer 😉

    2 soner: sure, most bands would need 20 songs to have the producer pick what they should release. this is precisely one of those things SG is trying to get away from, and work the way THEY like it!

  • Erik

    “Soundgarden are re-working on already existing ideas, and not writing new ones. They picked those 12 – 13 songs that they thought are really worth working on.”

    What does that mean? I don’t know where you got that idea, but there is no way the band is using 12 or 13 ‘old’ ideas and developing them- as opposed to writing & creating NEW material together since December last. Sure there may be some older sketches/ outlines that come up, but not what you’re implying…

  • cR@zYH4t3R

    I meant that they have songs / unfinished ideas from previous sessions that are being re-worked. Just like No Attention, Un Ankind and Tighter & Tigher were long sessioned before their time of release. If you think that this album will be 100% all new material you’re wrong. They’re simply re-working on older ideas that didn’t made the previous albums. Nothing wrong with that. Sure the might bring a new sound to them or come with something new, still doesn’t change the fact that it’s based on old ideas.. And besides no one will even know if they take older unreleased/unfinished songs and present them as “new”.

  • cR@zYH4t3R

    an unkind*

    i lol’d

  • Junior

    no, they’re not working on 13 or 14 old ideas and making them new. they’ve already said everything is new, and they re-worked maybe a COUPLE of old ideas.

  • Frank The Tank

    Some knowitall allwa`ys comes barging in. 90% new, wasnt it?

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  • Tankard

    Metallica sucks cock compared to Soundgarden