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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan will use next week’s South By Southwest as a springboard to announce the band’s latest album, Oceania, which promises to be a “full online experience.”

“Our aim is to turn the ‘social’ into a new way to experience an album,” Corgan told Mashable. “By taking the medium one step further we will create an experience with Oceania online and off-line that transcends the single and the single mentality in all ways.”

Corgan plans to outline his vision of the album (plus the release date) during a session moderated by Altimeter Group Principal Brian Solis.

Corgan says that the Pumpkins plan to “[bring] back the album experience through fan engagement in a whole new way with Oceania.” He added that the band is, ‘Working closely with Superfans as gatekeepers to help interaction on a fan-to fan level by promoting their Smashing Pumpkins related blogs and enlisting their help in maintaining a few official Smashing Pumpkins social media sites.”

  • Andrei

    No one gives a flying fuck how you release it as long as you do it already, goddammit.

  • Humperdinck

    “By taking the medium one step further we will create an experience with Oceania online and off-line that transcends the single and the single mentality in all ways.”


    Started talking bollocks? I think so!

  • Humperdinck

    Actually, if you read the full article, its even less straight forward:

    Corgan declined to be more specific and his publicist was vague about how, exactly, Oceania will be distributed.

    “The concept that we’re not releasing this record like normal at all,” she said. “The key is that when we release the record, we’re not going to release single a viral video. You’re going to take the record a have a full online experience with it.”

    When asked if that meant Oceania‘s tracks would not be sold separately on iTunes, Corgan’s rep declined comment.

    This isn’t the first time that Corgan has experimented with new formats for his music. In 2009, he announced Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, a 44-track opus that he planned to make available for free on the Internet. According to reports, Oceania is an “album within an album” on Teagarde

  • Is Adam a douche?

    Well I think that’s cool. At least some “news”. 🙂
    Seriously, I just can’t wait to hear that album, I haven’t been that anxious since…well Zeitgeist. And I wasn’t disappointed!

    Love live Billy!

  • Is Adam a douche?

    I meant “Long live” obviously lol. 😉

  • Patrick

    Teargarden will never be finished. I wish this guy would just stop disappear forever.

  • Is Adam a douche?

    Not cool Patrick, a lot of people (Me included) want him to pursue his musical journey. Respect that please.

  • GrungeAttack

    It’s not easy making music. He is trying his best. All wish him well and much success.

  • droosed

    oh lord….why does there have to be all this bullshit why can’t we just have a traditional release

  • FartHead

    No one gives a fuck how creative you’re with an albums “release strategy”! Be creative with writing the “album”! And stop with all these stupid release strategies that didn’t work with Teargarden!

    Just burn it to a fuckin’ CD-R and put it in my dirty fuckin’ hands!

  • Brett

    The album will not be relevant at all unless it has at least one hit radio single, especially because of Teargarden’s failure. Zeitgeist was a mediocre album, but the band were relevant at the time because ‘Tarantula’ was a great song and big rock radio hit. The Teargarden project hasn’t produced one hit (mostly shitty songs) so its diluted the band’s catalog/brand name and killed any sort of anticipation for a new full length album. Billy needs to cut the shit with all of these wacky release strategies and just put a great album out. If he can’t do that he needs to sit at home for a few years like Trent Reznor and not release an album until he’s got some good stuff.

  • Craigory52

    I agree with Brett. While Zeitgeist was mediocre overall, it did have some good tracks, especially Tarantula which did make it big at the time of its release. Teargarden was a mega failure simply because the songs themselves sucked. The Fellowship and maybe Lightning Strikes are somewhat decent but who wants to hear crap like Widow Wake My Mind or Owata? I hope Oceania can bring us that classic Pumpkins sound that everyone has been yearning for that Zeitgeist at least kind of tried to give us (sorry that album did not live up to their earlier stuff with Corgan’s lifeless vocals). Hopefully the songs for Oceania do not come out to be overproduced synthesized garbage like Teargarden or the static-y/techno-y produced Machina I/II and Adore. Bring back that sound we want Billy and The Pumpkins will definitely become relevant again.

  • Sam

    Agree with Brett. Release a great album. Corgan has it in him, he just tries too hard. His attempts to harness the Internet usually only appeal to fans (Machina, Teargarden). Get relevant. Get awesome.

    I know I’m being just as vague as he is. I love Corgan. A lot. I still have daydreams about playing Geek U.S.A on stage with him. Maybe he needs to move into a parking garage and write about more than the spiritual journey of a privileged man.

  • John

    They songs sucked and it HAD NO PROMOTION. Of course it wasnt a hit, he didnt even fuckin promote it.

  • nofilter

    When will he learn that people couldn’t care less about his damn gimmicks and just release the damn thing already. Just put out one last kick ass rock record before your mind is completely gone! His desperate attempts at staying vital and relevant in the music scene is so damn pathetic to watch. I’m all for new ideas and innovation but put it in the damn music, not in useless gimmicks!

  • Humperdinck

    I have to agree with the majority of comments about the release format (although to be fair we don’t quite know what this is yet). The Gish / Siamese Dream reissues were brilliant. Why can’t Oceania just follow the same format. If you’re a fan of the band then you’ll buy into the album experience anyway. Why not just combine the virtual with the physical and then everyone’s happy. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel all the time and I thought the whole point to going back to a traditional album release was that hardly anyone gave a toss about the Teargarden tracks being released individually over a million years. The whole ‘album experience’ harks back to the days of The Beatles, Pink Floyd et al, and they only had vinyl to work with. It never stopped them making classic records that sold shitloads did it?

  • lala

    the guy that runs a blog about “grunge” is talking about relevant music????

    lol at you Brett

    anyway Oceania live songs are good/great. The album has a change at being awesome but it will never be relevant to the “grunge” standards because grunge was just a marketing trick and that trick is dead for the last 20 years

  • Aaron

    just release a record like bands have done in the past and still do today. make an album the artist is proud of and release it. its all music fans want.

  • GrungeAttack

    For fuck’s sake lala, what purpose to you serve other than to lick up BillCo’s ball sweat?

  • lala

    look GrungeAttack

    “grunge” is not relevant today and frankly i don’t care. i still listen to melvins new music, mudhoney, AIC, Eddie, Chris, etc. and of course SP and if these bands have hit radio singles in US or not i don’t care so Brett is wrong. when the music comes out listen to it and than decide if you like it or not and don’t Google it to find if it is relevant to Pitchfork or whatever

  • Marx

    I truly cannot understand how anyone could think Zeitgeist was a better release than Teargarden – and I think Teargarden is pretty weak anyway.

    Tarantula, like every other song on Zeitgeist, is a nauseating attempt to recapture some kind of lost rock glory, when all Billy ever had to do was release an album with interesting ideas on it. Say what you will about the quality, but Teargarden’s new wave obsession is a million times more interesting than hearing Billy “rock out”.

    Yes, this release method stuff is bullshit – but of course, it wouldn’t attract nearly as much ire if it wasn’t Billy Corgan involved in it. Let’s read the comments if Soundgarden ever decided to invest in some online promo BS.

  • Is Adam a douche?

    Except that, yeah, Zeitgeist is great.

  • Me

    The reason nothing the Pumpkins do will succeed anymore: the lack of Jimmy Chamberlin. Jimmy was the last good thing about the Pumpkins 2.0.

  • Ten

    Me: I respectfully disagree. I have seen v2.0 live five times, both with and without Jimmy. Obviously no one can truly replace JC, but Mike has provided an amazing spark to their live shows. He somehow brings a new dynamic to the band’s live sound that was missing with Jimmy. (Disclaimer: I would never argue that Mikey’s a better drummer). There’s a great chemistry on the Oceania tracks that I believe will amaze everyone who is willing to give them a true chance.

  • GrungeAttack

    Okay, lala. I concede. It just seemed like a cheap shot to pull out the “grunge” moniker against a conversation of relevance. Meaning, it seemed like you were trying to disregard Brett’s opinion completely just because you don’t agree. I don’t care what’s relevant myself, but I’ve also never latched onto the “grunge” life style.

    BillCo rocks!

  • Guylord

    I agree Billy shouldn’t worry too much about how he releases the album (unless he’s concerned about the environmental impact, in which case he could get someone to plant some trees or summink).
    However, let’s hope it doesn’t sound “thin” like Zeitgeist did. Have you noticed though how all the albums that were made by just Billy and Jimmy sound two dimensional in a way? Even Siamese Dream, to an extent.
    Mellon Collie was the first album they did that sounded more like a band, because it had James and D’arcy on it too, and their playing was pretty good by then. The only thing that let Mellon Collie down was the vocal sound, in my opinion. Adore sounded good, but should have been the acoustic album it was intended to be, sounding like the B sides to Ava Adore (piano, drums, bass and acoustic guitar with simple, relaxed, almost lazy vocals – brilliant!), but it never happened, sadly.
    Let’s hope that Oceana sounds thick and like a band rockin’ out.
    We shouldn’t be too hard on Billy. He’s been there for us all these years and has to make his own journey as well as great albums.