• http://youtube.com/spoceania lala

    great debut for 2012 and with no promotion! i hope a single and a tour keeps the records selling

  • Andrei

    That’s a pretty good debut, I have to say.

  • Ultramega

    Better than I expected from an album with no potential radio hits. The more I listen to this album, the more amazed I am. I’ve been going through my music in recent years trying to figure how long it’s been since I’ve heard an album this amazing.

  • general (su)


    EDDIE VEDDER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOU, PIECE OF SHIT 😀

  • http://youtube.com/spoceania lala


    billboard is reporting SP debuted at no.4 with 54.000 copies sold


  • Ultramega

    @general you’re an idiot. No one here wants to read your comments.

  • phil

    Wow super cool.

    @general shut the fuck up will you?

  • Travis

    Can’t wait till the fall to see SP play. This album is making me feel like a teen again. Very impressed. Sick and tried of the good but overrated Black Keys and Kings of Leon bullshit. Rock on Pumpkins!

  • Brett

    Thanks lala.

  • Craigory52

    Good debut for Smashing Pumpkins! Is it true that they are releasing “The Celestials” as a promo single? http://hipstersunited.wordpress.com/?s=the+celestials&searchbutton=go!
    I didn’t think singles were going to be released for the album. If it is going to be released then that is a wise choice. The first five songs are worthy of being singles.

  • SuperSG

    I like how you gave us the bieber numbers. I know that the Pumpkins arent truely able to keep up with that shemale, but that number is impressive for a grunge band. I guess all the negative shit, all the Lalas Boy bullshit, it diverts my opinion of how good Corgan and the Pumpkins are, because I felt myself hating them after the shit thats been said.

  • SuperSG

    Sorry to the original Lala, for suspecting that you and Lalas Boy were in cahoots…hate people who try to piss people off for fun.