New Layout & Billy Corgan Interview Coming To Next Week will be launching a brand new layout next week, which means we may have some technical glitches/downtime over the weekend as we configure the new layout. The layout will make it easier for people to browse our rock news, as well as our Entertainment based Film/TV and Wrestling sections which we soft launched a month ago, in a way that those two sections will not interfere with the experience of people who just come here for news on hard rock or 90’s bands.

The reason I’ve launched these new sections is I’m not a fan of much that’s going on in rock music today. This is why we’re switching to a lot of research/list/feud type articles when it comes to rock, since there isn’t a lot to write about now. When it comes to the actual news, the ridiculous/funny stories are the only ones that really interest me these days, and according to traffic, readers as well. So why not have a Film/TV section, especially one that can function independently from our rock coverage? I noticed that Consequence of Sound launched a Film/TV section this week, and they probably have a similar thought process, which is: why the hell not? There sure as hell isn’t a Dark Side of the Moon or Nevermind out there right now to write about.

In addition to the new layout, in the middle of next week, we will also be interviewing Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. After 5 years of dominating the headlines here, BillCo is finally coming to! We’ve had several big interviews in the past with members of The Doors, Guns N’ Roses, Jane’s Addiction, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Cage The Elephant, A Perfect Circle, and many other popular bands, but the PR game can get rather tricky. We recently thought we were close on Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell (still could easily happen), but running a website you have to roll with the punches and disappointments that come with it (Courtney Love no showing tops that list), and just get content that grows readership regardless.

Anyways, thanks for the support (and trolling) over the years. To those of you who click the ads, I love you the most.


  • billy

    oh baby i am so stoked to read the interview, i hope you can be respectfully critical and really get some good responses out of him.
    I also hope you lock down Cornell for an interview.
    Congrats Brett, it’s been fun seeing this site develop and all the hard work has paid off with some big name interviews. keep it up

  • Philippe Gaudet

    Wow that’s impressive. An interview with Corgan himself. Lucky you. You deserve it though. Can’t wait to read it.

    And the changes to the site seem like a good idea to me.

  • Anthony Coro

    Can’t wait to read the Corgan interview. Could you ask him if there’s any consideration of redoing the Gish and Siamese Dream reissues in the more massive format that’s become the norm since Mellon Collie? Would love to hear more outtakes and demos from that period–and on a related note, if you could ask him about tracks like “Daughter” and “Bullet Train to Osaka” (among others) finally making their CD debuts, that’d be great. Naturally I’m also interested in hearing about the new music and his songwriting process as well–I hope he realizes there are still plenty of us out there who love the older stuff but also are really excited about what he’s creating nowadays.

    Looking forward to the new layout as well–as long as it doesn’t still jump to the top of the page after it finishes loading, I’m good!

    • Alternative Nation

      Anthony, the jumping to the top has been my biggest problem with this layout, but I didn’t know about the issue until we’d already done all of the work and made the switch. Been wanting to switch it for several months but just found the time now, our new layout will look slick and modern and will help a lot in growing the site.

      Also can you give me some more details on those two tracks?

      • Anthony Coro

        Sure! Those two are among several tracks from the Gish/Siamese Dream era that have never been released on CD in their original versions. After doing a little research, this seems like a complete list (I could be missing some though):

        -“Sun” and “My Dahlia” (Light Into Dark various artists compilation–released on CD but never on a Pumpkins release)
        -“I Am One” (Sub Pop single version)
        -“Honeyspider” (B-side to “Tristessa”)
        -“Honeyspider II” (vinyl-only Pisces Iscariot bonus track)
        -“Not Worth Asking” (B-side to “I Am One” and vinyl-only Pisces bonus track)
        -“Daughter” (Reflex magazine flexidisc)
        -“Terrapin” (B-side to “I Am One”)
        -“Bullet Train to Osaka” (B-side to “I Am One”)
        -“Purr Snickety” (B-side to “Cherub Rock”)
        -“Siamese Dream” (B-side to “Disarm”)
        -“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (live) (No Toys for OJ various artists cassette)

        There was also a really limited edition CD of the Pumpkins’ first Metro concert that was given to people who attended the last show in 2000 that would be great to have a wider release, as well as the pre-Gish demo releases (one of which was included on cassette in the Pisces reissue), a bonus live disc on French pressings of Mellon Collie, an acoustic “Rocket” on a radio show compilation CD, and a live version of “Age of Innocence” on a various artists compilation. As a collector who loves to own everything on CD if possible, it’d be great if Billy could compile all these! Thanks Brett.

  • Wam Meesly

    Congrats on getting the interview! If you run out of questions, can you ask if there will be any re-issue of The Future Embrace?

  • stayl

    Congratulations! Now I hope you get an AIC interview.

  • LordSunday

    My friend Jim interviewed him a couple weeks ago, and Billy is definitely candid. My buddy loved interviewing him because he didn’t have to follow specific topics and Billy doesn’t dodge questions he’s asked.

    I’ll paste the URL of the transcription if anyone cares to read:

  • Hey

    Brett –
    Please ask him, point blank, to clarify Nicole’s status, and see if he’ll say what happened between him and Mike and Nicole.

  • Dan Keenan

    If you ask him a Jerry Cantrell related question, I will personally buy you a Time share