UPDATE: Scott is full of shit and has been revealed to be a liar. He admitted to his story being a hoax. The photo itself is still confirmed to be from September 1998 or later due to the shirt Layne is wearing not being released until then, but the new RUMOR is that it is from Halloween 1998.

Click here to read Scott Farro’s ( work of fiction:

The photograph is including of Layne Staley. I was an acquaintance (who shall remain nameless at the moment) of the girl who took this photograph (described by Layne as someone he knew from “The Rainbow”) and I was present at the time it was taken in Seattle. It was, in fact, during the month of October, 2001. The photo was NOT taken at or near the place that he spoke of.

Though I was only around Mr. Staley a few times during this particular week, I can confirm that he was wearing these glasses, as well as the same clothing (including grey cargo pants w/black boots) the entire time.  He also did not speak much because he appeared to be missing all of his top front teeth and had few remaining at the bottom front of his jaw. He did not want to make a full smile but had nothing against the picture being taken.

We are not sure how the pictures had ever been leaked – nor can we disclose how Mr. Staley was carrying out his life during this week, but it is important that fans not pay attention to the “works” of Adriana Rubio in particular. My brief time around Layne holds memories of a tired, yet warm and friendly man who was not as reclusive as people may think and seemed to enjoy the company that he was keeping that week.

I then followed up with an e-mail and Scott gave me more information:

The reason I spent time with a small group of his friends is because my acquaintance and I were involved with a similar lifestyle for a period of time. Being familiar with the music his band had made, I was asked by our mutual friend not to mention this at any point during the days we were around him. He came across as a very nice person and did not seem depressed. It was not strictly business, but apparently, he had severed those relations and I was to approach him as I would anyone else. It was not hard to distinguish his few friends from those who may have been of another importance.  I will not disclose the activies that took place during the week, except to add Layne Staley frequented a couple of places by night and that we were present with him.

The reason we have decided to provide this information (even though limited) to a few media outlets, is due to the fact that with Mike Starr’s passing, and of Alice In Chains working on possible new music – questions of interest about Mr. Staley have once again started to make rounds in the community such as people who may or may not be involved with much larger media.  The original owner of the photo wishes to remain completely anonymous and has sought only to offer a small amount of insight to what fans have been wondering amidst various rumours triggered by mainstream and local media in the past. No severe, physical disfigurements were ever known of Layne Staley except for weight loss and missing teeth – nor was he truly known to be reclusive.

Though we believe the leak of this photo may have been accidental, we hope this helps people to have a little more understanding of things regarding his last period of time.

  • Marley

    R.I.P. Stayley

  • Jon

    Not that I don’t believe it’s Layne, but I don’t see how one guy who posts on here can be seen as a definitive source.

  • Brett

    The 2001 dating of the picture makes sense because the rumor I’ve heard in the last year or two that during his last year he had long mousey hair, which he has here in this photo.

  • Dreux

    I have to say, if this source is reliable, it’s good to know Layne’s last couple of years weren’t all bad, and he really doesn’t look as a bad as I’d expect for 2001. It’s actually kind of relieving to at least think it wasn’t always such a miserable, gloomy period of his life.

  • GrungeAttack

    RIP Layne

  • steph

    I totally believe this guy. He has some decorum about the information…not like Vece and Rubio. I have to say as someone who has followed Layne and AIC from 1990 on, and having tried to get as much info as possible on Layne, that this is the most satisfying information I have ever received about him. I am so relieved that he didn’t hole up in his condo and not have any kind of life. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • Sickwit_it

    ….man I dont know what to say O.O .The rainbow that person is talking about is a bar that supposedly Layne would visit that was down the street from his penthouse.It was stated in the grunge is dead book. If you look up his home on google maps youll see its very close to were he lived. The bar now has a new name its the one on the corner of the street. But i think on google maps its still rainbow bar and grill. Anyway if this is 2001 he doesnt look as bad as everyone is sayin. Also idk how you can believe something a randon person said. I could make up shit right now also, but whatever. R.I.P LAYNE

  • Electric Fun

    this was a very good article RIP Layne

  • Electric Fun

    and good job Brett

  • Maverick785

    TBH, I’m kind of relieved knowing how late in his life that photo was taken. He looks anything but healthy, sure, but it along with this information certainly paints a very different picture of Layne’s situation compared to Rubio’s opportunistic garbage.

    Layne’s case definitely is an interesting one in the larger scene. Of the “big four” frontmen, he had the greatest desire to become the traditional rock star. And did he ever accomplish that, especially when you watch those early performances – he owned the stage. Definitely not the “reluctant star” type. He had to have gone through some pretty radical changes over the next few years to go from that kind of person to someone who, according to this, wanted to be seen as just another guy. I’m sure drugs and the pressures of fame had a lot to do with that.

    Again, I hope this information is more credible than the lies we’ve listened to over the years. It does, however, seem a lot more believable.

  • Blipo

    “Being familiar with the music his band had made, I was asked by our mutual friend not to mention this at any point during the days we were around him. He came across as a very nice person and did not seem depressed. It was not strictly business, but apparently, he had severed those relations and I was to approach him as I would anyone else.”

    i’m wondering what that quote means…does it mean he didnt want to be associated with alice in chains anymore?

  • Louderthanshit333

    Wow… Following the Layne reclusive story has lead to this all these years. When this photo first hit this website, I thought FOR SURE that this would have been from 98/99 because 1. Layne doesn’t look as bad as I thought and 2. He’s wearing a Metal Gear Solid shirt from 1998, which could mean an array of things. I also thought it was weird that if this was from the 90s, then Layne must’ve steadily had long hair, but now that it is finally revealed, I feel much more relieved. For years Layne in his reclusive years has been portrayed as a reclusive monster, I’m glad that this has been revealed and to finally show Layne wasn’t in as bad of shape as people assumed.

    The teeth rumor was inevitable though, whoever uses that much drugs like Layne is bound to have some teeth rot.

  • nanette

    I read Scott’s comment last night on the original posting of the picture. At first I thought it was pretty cool that he was willing to give a tid bit of info on Layne and his picture.
    Then I layed in bed and thought to my self, “why are these people who claim to have been with Layne hiding”? ”
    Why the need to be unidentified? There are little stories of Layne all over the web but the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHENS, WHYS are missing.
    I see in the picture Layne looks to me like a vulnerable little boy. The mother in me feels sick that the people that Layne kept close very may well have also been the people that participated in his self destruction.
    The people that Layne kept close are probably the people that could tell you how his stuff ended up on Ebay through the years.
    The people that Layne kept close did not notice that he was MIA for 2 weeks…..and then we found out he had passed.
    And now the post mentions Mike Starrs passing. He must have known something about Layne that is also “secret”
    Like alot of you that grew up with AIC, his music will always be part of my life. My thoughts on Layne are this….
    An undeniably talented artist, a life littered with tragedy, a fragile spirit that was broken.
    I am sorry if i am pissing a bunch of people off. Just my thoughts, no facts, no proof,

    • Starrley

      I couldn’t agree with NANETTE more!!!

  • Fraser

    R.I.P. Layne

  • cosmicatomic

    I agree with Nanette.

    I can appreciate that Layne looks better than I thought he would look later on in life (if this is really 2001).

    Not I could ever have fun with a friend who’s physically declining due to addiction so that part is strange.

    I’d actually prefer the perception that he holed up in his apartment as a recluse. And actually I’m still not sure that’s entirely untrue. Cantrell has written about it in his lyrics. Just because he went out every once in awhile doesn’t mean he wasn’t a recluse.

  • Tom

    It is a some relief knowing some of this. Also somewhat calls into question Rubio’s last interview. Okay now I have two weird things to add. 1) Glad he (assuming) got to play Metal Gear Solid back in the day, it was a great game. 2) Anybody else really curious to know about his video game collection? I remember that around the time of his passing somebody had posted on an AIC forum that he liked FF7.

  • Alastair..

    i too concur with your post/thoughts, nanette.
    a beautiful gentle soul, forever seeking acceptance, seeking the love he desired from his father.
    taken WAY too soon by a habit he initially used to escape the pain.
    you, your voice, your words, your spirit and all the power that exuded from your being are with me FOREVER, layne.
    how i wish i could’ve been there to help you.
    rest in peace, dood.
    forever loved.

  • Robert

    It is hard to believe that is 2001 because he didn’t look quite yet that he was going to die. I was really thinking that was 1999 or 2000. It is good to know he had some good spirits in his last years of his life but he will always be missed. Thanks for getting the information Brett. RIP Layne

  • mariarosaria

    Nanette I aggree with you completely!

  • g


  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    I thought this was a Halloween picture… you got the clockwork orange guy, Silent Bob, and Layne as… well, I just have no idea.

    Man, Layne just looks so unhealthy though. Like a deer in the headlights of society. I know that no one can be blamed for not helping, but what could’ve changed the inevitable?

    I will tell you…

    …nothing. Sadly, nothing at all.

    I have a close family member that fell into the same trap. These people just cannot get away from the drugs. They need it just as much as they need oxygen, and everything that once was is only a fleeting memory of a life that you may well have just seen on tv or in a book. The past escapes them and the future doesn’t even get a thought.

    RIP Layne

  • steph

    The only problem I have with what Nanette is saying, is that NO ONE participated in Layne’s “demise” but Layne himself. He had money, lots of it, so this lifestyle was one he could have easily lived for years and years. He had people he was close to; family, band mates, etc, and he chose to shut them out. He chose. No one could have stolen from Layne if Layne hadn’t chose to keep company with these people. He wanted to be “just another face in the crowd”. So he surrounded himself with people that participated in the same lifestyle that he did. As we all know, most drug addicts will do anything to get high. Steal, prostitute, cheat, lie, etc. Layne was a victim of himself. (btw, I am in no way saying that the person that provided this info is unsavory in any way…let’s make that clear)

    Now before I get flamed, He had the most beautiful gift, and he shared it with all of us and for that I am most thankful. To me, he is nothing short of the best rock singer ever. He had the most soul and grit in his voice, and spoke to me. I wish things could have been different, but they weren’t. As I said before, I have followed Layne & AIC since the beginning. I didn’t grow up on them, I was already an adult. And for the entire span of their career with Layne, he had a drug problem. By the time Unplugged came out, I knew he was killing himself. After Demri died he didn’t seem to even try anymore. Is that a coincidence? I don’t know. He had the money to get well, but not the will. He will always be this beautiful fallen angel with to me. Triumphant in career, but not life. Rest easy Layne.

  • Scott

    We’ve only skimmed through some comments and are glad that Brett decided to do a follow up article which was left to his decision.

    Please understand that the only reason we are providing this information is to show that the way this man was treated in the media was very undeserving. Layne Staley was not a disfigured being as the media had portrayed him. Those are lies and he seemed no different of a person than anyone else.

    My acquaintance knew him more than I did and our reason for remaining anonymous is because we are not looking for a claim to fame. is not a mainstream fabrication such as MTV.

    The only hope here is to dispel rumors that a man had completely fallen apart in a physical sense when, in fact, he had not. Not in the way he was portrayed. If the decision is made to reveal the remaining two photos, they certainly will not be sent to any major media outlet by us, nor will we grant any type of interview. This is somewhat of a problem due to the fact one has already been stolen and is a personal matter.


  • dakotablue

    I am skeptical of almost everything, but I wonder about this person who provided all the supposed facts here. Reading between the lines, it sounds like Scott or whatever his name is was involved in drugs, too. Obviously I don’t know this for a fact, just guessing.
    Anyway, one of the sad things to me is that Layne is always described as a sweet and kind person. So the fact that his “friends” or drug buddies or whoever stole from him is kinda sickening.
    We miss you and your wonderful voice, Layne, and wish things could have been different for you.

  • steph

    Thank you so much, Scott, for sharing the information with us. You are absolutely correct, the media didn’t kill Layne Staley, but they did help dig his grave and push him into it. That’s for sure.

  • elle

    I don’t blame Layne, who would want to be seen in public during the day with missing teeth and rail thin after being seen as such a huge rock figure by the public, the medis would of ate him up. The media is cruel, so it’s makes sense that he only hug out with a small circle of friends who engaed in the same type of life style and hug out in a bar near his condo. R.I.P. Layne

  • Kris

    First, thanks Brett for this article. I consider Layne to be one of THE best vocalists ever. His voice stirred emotions that were haunting, beautiful and captivating. I have never read a bad thing about Layne – he was truly a sweet guy with a genuine heart.

    I tend to believe everything written above. It’s credible, respectful and comforting like many say. He probably didn’t socialize with a whole lot of people but rather surrounded himself with a small group of people who he was comfortable around and who he felt he could trust. I am so thankful to know that he was not alone and shared some happy moments even in the last few years of his life.

    R.I.P. Layne and Mike – buddies forever!

  • Greg

    This site rules. Not that the final days of Layne are anything to really “enjoy,” but it is nice to be in the company of people who care so much.

  • steph

    The Rainbow Bar & Grill is now called Fusion, and it is literally 1/4 block from the condo. I have been to the Blue Moon which is right next door to the Rainbow/Fusion. We would have went to Fusion but it was closed during the period of time we were there.

  • Tina

    I also am happy to hear this 2001~ RIP Layne Staley~ we love an miss you always!

  • Millz

    Thanks to Scott for sharing and for this insight into Layne’s final years. I’m glad to know he had friends and went out, even if it was only once in a while.

    The media has for the most part paid little attention to Layne Staley and when they did it was mostly negative. Even when he died they paid more attention to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from TLC rather than treat them both equally with coverage.

    R.I.P Layne Staley ROCK IN PEACE

  • steph

    That’s very true Millz. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s how it is with the media. I seriously doubt anyone was stalking Layne in 2001 to get pictures of him. I could be wrong though, who knows?

  • King_Jeremy

    Whew. He looks so terrible in this pic. Just… sickly. And no, I wouldn’t consider the people he was around as “friends”… more so, “enablers.” But that’s a whole different discussion. But, given that this pic is real, it looks as if he was to the point of no return… so at least he seemed happy, if a miserable kind of happiness.

  • GrungeAttack

    Repeat after me he is just a man! No better! Worse! than any other man!

    Don’t worship addicts there the last people to look up too. This guy had a great voice like a snarling dog biting off its foot and the writing skills of a man on an island of drugs.

    Rest in peace and hopefully all these non talents like me and Layne will stop posting there worship rap. Layne hated all you people who worshiped men and would of knocked your blocks off with his MMA gloves.

    Now I have a trip to Japan.


    ?????????????Oh?????????????????????????? Don’ t???????????

  • GrungeAttack

    Here is my Japanese since this site is racist against us Japanese.

  • Anth

    Big thanks to Scott and Brett for sharing this information. The lack of information and the contradictory rumors about this period in Layne’s life have always fascinated me, so it’s great to finally have some insight.

    While I totally appreciate and respect Scott and his companions’ decision not to speak out in the past, I do wish they’d done so and continue to do so, for Layne’s sake. For a decade now, we’ve assumed the man was a hermit who kept himself isolated from the outside world, including his friends and family. It would do his reputation nothing but good to share this information on as wide a scale of possible, so that everyone can know he was more than just a bitter addict waiting to die. He still lived some semblance of a life, even if he remained secretive about it.

    I too am especially curious about the part of severing his ties with Alice in Chains. We know that Mike Starr was with him towards the end of his life (if not the very last day Layne was alive), and Sean Kinney claimed he tried to keep in touch…but especially since we know the Rubio interview is a farce, I was hoping to hear something more positive on that front. I don’t expect Jerry, Mike or Sean will ever share the full story.

  • Dreux

    GrungeAttack, why do you leave such nice comments on every post and then hateful ones later in the day?

  • GrungeAttack

    I don’t know, man. I’m just bipolar Jap bastard.

  • Sickwit_it

    lisa left eye lopez. yeah she may of been paid more attention when she died because they were the it thing at the time. But as time goes on Layne will live on, she wont. Rap is just a trendy shit. If you listen to shit from the 90’s or whatever in rap you get made fun. Like mc hammer for example he was the shit but now hes a joke. In rap only what is new is cool. Unlike rock, shit thats good last forever. And Layne was one of the greatest.

  • slatesphanboi

    ‘Now before I get flamed, He had the most beautiful gift, and he shared it with all of us and for that I am most thankful. To me, he is nothing short of the best rock singer ever. He had the most soul and grit in his voice, and spoke to me.’

    Hey remember that time that Layne was on Jeopardy? Layne was also hella’ smart.

    It is cool that some supposed junkie rock star was actually all smart and stuff and could compete in like multiple zones.

    ‘Here is my Japanese since this site is racist against us Japanese.’

    Have you lost your mind?

    Grunge has traditionally been very favorable to Japanese people! Kurt Cobain asked Shonen Knife to open for them! I myself happen to really like Japanese Black Metalists Sigh!

  • cartoonsize

    Scott the pic is from Halloween 1998. Do you know that?!?

  • sweetwickedme

    Thanks for sharing this Scott. Love and miss you Layne…RIP

  • nevernamed

    I’m not convinced this is 2001. I was told by people close to him he needed a cane in the last months of his life..

  • John

    Last months of his life may not be october 2001 , but january – april 2002

  • cosmicatomic

    Just because he went out on a Halloween once doesn’t mean he wasn’t a hermit who isolated himself.

    He probably isolated himself from the ones who tried to help him. He probably occasionally went out with the enablers.

    I’ve heard plenty of comments from Kinney/Cantrell and there’s plenty of Cantrell song lyrics to read. Go read the lyrics to Bargain Basement Howard Hughes.

    Pretty obvious considering Starr was the only band member he saw in the latter years, and he was an addict himself.

    I’ll take the word of Kinney/Cantrell over some anonymous friend of a friend revealing information on the internet ten years later. Not that I don’t appreciate the info but I just don’t get the “ohhhh, so good to see he wasn’t a hermit!” type of talk.

  • paul

    people are “relieved” that he doesn’t look as bad as they thought he would at this stage of his life? are you kidding? he looks fucking horrible compared to what he used to look like.

    and why does this make someone who didn’t know him feel better about him? the guy died alone at 85 lbs and his rotting corpse wasn’t found for 2 weeks. the way he died doesn’t change, no matter how he looks in this picture.

    and there’s a reason the guy was a recluse, cause he didn’t want people to see his demise. I feel gross just looking at that picture, like I shouldn’t have seen it in the first place.

  • Robert

    I kind of happy this photo was released because it give me a good reminder what heroin could do to you for myself as recovering heroin addict. It is shame with the media just playing Layne as a junkie instead that he was a very good human with alot of talent being that got into the trap of addiction that claimed his life. It is sad that what great human being got eaten by addiction. RIP Layne and Mike again

  • GrungeAttack

    I’m relieved just because he doesn’t look AS bad. He doesn’t look great though.

  • Louderthanshit333

    @ Paul

    We’ve heard rumors for years that Layne had grey hair, gangreene (sp?), amputed limbs, etc. So this really was sort of better than some like myself imagined what he could possibly be. Granted this is only one photo, and the rest of his body could have been rather mangled during this period, as Scott said his teeth were gone.

  • cartoonsize

    Still this pic is from 1998 Halloween and I know this bec I just ask Jimmy the guy at Layne’s left side. He wrote that it is backstage at a Jerry Cantrell concert. I can’t understand why people come up with all this bullshit and can’t understand why it should be good to see a pic of him of his last month. Of course he will look horrible…I mean HELLO! Wake up, he was sick. What I really enjoyed and for me is the last sign of life of him was to hear the summer interview 1999. I keep his humor, laughing, voice and face in my mind from all what I saw/heard live of him and I believe he wanted it like this.

  • cristiano

    “Still this pic is from 1998 Halloween and I know this bec I just ask Jimmy the guy at Layne’s left side. He wrote that it is backstage at a Jerry Cantrell concert.”

    Cantrell played Seattle oct 31, 1998, so this information seems to be reliable:

  • Dan

    Not saying I don’t believe him, he just didn’t offer anything that one couldn’t make up based on reports and previous rumors.

  • cosmicatomic

    Cartoonsize, what summer interview in 1999 are you talking about?

    This is apparently his last press interview, even in 1995 he sounded in rough shape at least in regards to puncture wounds everywhere.

  • Louderthanshit333

    @cosmicatomic He probably means the Rockline interview, it’s on youtube.

    @cartoonsize I doubt this is from a Cantrell concert, there’s been rumors for years he and Cantrell had a falling out.

  • Kelley

    Regarding this possibly being at a Jerry show…I was at the Jerry Halloween show in 98..and Layne was there dressed up. Not saying that his photo is from then…but he was there…and he was dressed up.

  • Scott

    For cartoonsize and all those who are starting rumors that this picture is from 1998, the picture is from 2001 along with two others that are being sent to family with the original negatives. Confirmed.

  • Ludo

    Thanks for the information, Brett and Scott! Scott, I was wondering, those other two pictures you mentioned, were they taken the same day/week in Oct 2001 and is there a chance they’ll be released to the public by the family or the original owner?

    Thanks again.

  • Nanette

    Was it the norm to wear a fake dick backstage at a Jerry Cantrell concert?

  • steph

    Awesome Scott. I get so sick of these people who run their mouths about who, what, when, where and why, when they don’t know what they are talking about and just get these rumors started. Thank you for sending those pictures to Layne’s family. Nancy is a great lady, who has been through hell. I am sure she will appreciate it.

  • cosmicatomic

    The pissing match over this is kind of pathetic. Layne looks bad and he obviously continued to deteriorate. I never bought the silly gangrene/amputation rumors anyway. The rest of the descriptions jive with this photo, regardless of the year (that he was skinny, sickly, pale, emaciated, so on and so forth). Look how little he is compared to 2 normal people.

    I just listened to the 1999 Rockline interview. Damn, he was still clever and sarcastic and likable as ever.

    Also listening to his last recordings….Get Born Again, Died, Another Brick. Amazing how good he was even while deteriorating.

  • Scott


    I’m not sure. None of this was ever to be leaked in the first place but was the best site to have some facts laid out. For whatever reason, an awful lot of nonsense is going on and after all this time – a few things have been explained and accounted for.

  • Chris Cantrell

    Correct me if I am wrong. The record company was encouraging the follow-up to “3 legged dog” to have more singing from Jerry on it, Jerry was all for it but Layne was very opposed to it, he said that Jerry was not a singer and his voice was very “bland” and whatnot. There was a lot of fighting between Jerry and Layne and ultimately, because Layne was usually too sick to tour and he wasn’t interested in the limelight anymore that he quit Alice in Chains but it was never made public because there was too much money at stake and because Layne was already too disillusioned by the media. Seemed like there was always conflict because Jerry wanted to tour a lot.

    I am hopeful that Layne changed his appearance so he wouldn’t get noticed in public and he could live a normal life without too much interruption. Seems that is what the last years of his life were hoped to be – normal – and without the fame thing.

  • Scott

    this has been one of my better performances. none of it was true… at all.


    (*_-) ADIOS!

  • elle

    I’m not sure if this picture is from 1998 because this was Laynes last known video, with Tom Morello Class of’99

  • Ellie

    @Elle The footage of Layne on the class of 99 video is from the Mad Season Live at the Moore concert in 1995

  • LayneinChains

    No way. Layne encouraged Jerry to sing and Jerry encouraged Layne to learn guitar. Layne would never have to say that he was the best singer…that would be like saying the pope is catholic. Everyone knows it. Jerry knows that Layne was the reason AIC was what it was.

  • Laura

    @ Scott… I sure hope there is 2 different Scott’s on here and this last post by “Scott” is someone effing with us because if this has all been made up like this “scott” person claims..then I am certain Satan is alive and calls himself Scott.

  • Colin

    Hello, i would like to confirm that this picture is indeed not a Hoax, i have talked with Nancy McCallum about this photo,and it was in 2001, he was NOT missing any toes, fingers or anything else like that , just teeth, and he was still the warm friendly guy that we all knew

    I dont know if we just have a little jerk off here trying to have some cruel fun
    or if there is another scott.

    either or, its true, so you can believe it ,Thanks

    Colin- owner of the International Alice in Chains Day page.

  • Tiffany

    @Elle the pics in that video are previous pics… and @Scott… what kind of soul are you?

  • Cartoonsize

    Dear all, it is in all these years the first time I wrote about
    Layne as I really can’t believe it and don’t like this whole Scott story at all.
    I believe Jimmy bec he has no
    reason to lie. He is right there at Layne’s side on the pic.
    He worked many years with AIC
    and still is with them. By the way he also wrote that he miss this man.
    Believe what you want but I would never write anything about a person what I don’t
    know for sure. I see no reason to make a story up here…why should I?
    I also check right now about the eBay pics but it’s for my intrest and this is bec I want
    to know and I take time for this. I see it as a hobby.
    If you can’t trust in
    something than proof it by your self instead to believe in other people’s thoughts
    which don’t know more than you. So if you don’t believe me which I can understand
    after all that stories and you really want to know….find it out over the right way. Amen 😉

  • Kelley

    It sounds like two people have insight to what this photo is all about. Cartoonsize and this Scott guy. Wish we had some proof to back either up.

  • cosmicatomic

    lol….so did Brett get duped?

  • steph

    You actually think that’s funny cosmic? That someone would be so heartless and assholish to make up a bunch of shit about Layne and post it here and lie and be deceitful to people? It’s exactly that behavior that Layne hated so much. It’s a shame that even in death, he can’t get the respect he deserves. And imagine if his poor mother read on here about him and she thought she was going to receive some photos of her son? I am disgusted and it’s hard for me not to wish bad things on this “Scott” person. But I try to take the high road in life so I am just going to chalk it up to some people are vile and evil and I have to share oxygen with them. I’m sorry this happened Brett. If it did indeed happen.

  • L’Angel

    If people concentrated more on his art than his image we could have productive conversations.

  • dakotablue

    At least the flurry of activity shows that Layne still maters to a lot of people. And that his dedicated fans want to know the truth. Scott you are lower than the low dude, curses upon your dishonest ass!

  • muthafuthinASH



    Just kidding.

  • laynemedown2sleep

    Regardless…of when…or how …Layne was amazing and he didn’t even kno it… I loved him then n I love him now… u all point ur fingers and make assumptions…why not just be happy we geta chance to see him alive just one more moment … I met layne in a gas station he had dropped a ten on the floor I said scuzi u dropped ur cash n I picked it up n handed it to him … he looked like he was gonna tear up or sumthin n said Thank u lil star… then he paid for my pop n airhead lol… winked at me and walked out the door … I was 14 years old

    That was 1993….I still have the damn pop can …my own lil piece of things that keep his memories alive undamaged by addiction n death

  • dakotablue

    to louderthanshit333: I really have no idea what you mean by saying that people have thought of Layne as a “reclusive monster” during his final years. The guy was so frikkin’ beautiful inside AND out, there’s no way any true fans thought this. Missing fingers, teeth or other cosmetic stuff isn’t that big a deal really, although to me it’s very sad that Layne surrendered almost everything to the drug.
    What a loss for him and all of us.

  • chris

    In regard to the posting above about Layne being at a Jerry Cantrell Halloween show, there was an anecdote published shortly after Layne died where Scooter Ward (of the band Cold) recounted meeting Layne at a Halloween party after that show. I can’t find the story now, but I remember him being quoted in it about being sad at meeting Layne once he realized it was him, for Layne, up close “looked like an 80-year-old man,” if I recall correctly. Apparently, before the after-show party, there was some other get-together that Layne was at with Jerry and Scooter Ward was there, as well (I assume they were the opening band) and he hadn’t realized who he was because Layne had some sort of costume and mask on.

  • rockercrypt

    Everyone seems to be missing the obvious here – the photo is taken at a costume party, allegedly a Halloween party (the kind of party where people dress up and pretend to be someone else) and whoever that is in the photo it’s not Layne Staley. The commenters on this thread are either really impressionable/gullible fans or people deliberately going along with a shaggy dog story for the joke. Did you read the “update”?

    Also for those not in the know – Layne (like Vedder and even the drunkass bassist from Soundgarden) are all known to have quite a few dopplegangers, many just in Seattle alone. So it looks like someone is pulling everyone’s legs with this one.

  • Jenna

    He couldn’t have weighted 85 lbs when he died. He left his house to go see his sister a few months before that. If he weighed anywhere close to that he would have been to weak to even leave his house. That and the amputee rumors are some of the most vicious rumors out there. His remains were 80 to 85 lbs. Think about it. A 5 foot woman weighing 85 lbs is extremely small. His girlfriend probably weighed about that when she died. An adult male cancer patient usually checks out at around 115 lbs and is bedridden. Everyone in the spotlight looks different than they do in real life. The only way to put all these rumors to rest is for someone from the Alice camp to talk and for some reason they wont. Maybe its because they think their doing it out of respect for Layne but all it’s doing is making the rumor mill spin completely out of control. Could you imagine reading all these horrible things on the internet about your Son or Brother and lying in bed at night and wondering if there’s even a speck of truth in it. That has to be really hard on the family because I guarantee you, their was alot they didn’t know about him. And the whole reason he was so pissed about the media anyway was because he didn’t want his family reading these things. I think Behind the Music should do a documentary about him and get all his former band-mates and close friends in on it not just the AIC guys. I don’t know if people really believe anything they say. These were guys that hid their girlfriends from their fans for years for the sake of selling concert tickets to young hopefuls. A true river of deceit if you was to ask me. I do think people would believe Mike McCready and a few of his older friends though

  • Jenna

    And just for the record everyone in the music industry knows that hiding your girlfriends sells more concert tickets because a large percentage of their ticket sales are being bought by young girls that have fantasies about their favorite male musicians. This has been done all the way back to the Beatles. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was at least some of Layne and Demri’s problems.

  • chris

    Very true, Jenna. I think the coroner’s report, which surfaced a few months after he died, is the most common source of those rumors. It states that HIS BODY/REMAINS were measured at 6’1″ and weighed 86 lbs., or so. In the amount of time that he laid on that couch, undiscovered, a fair amount of body mass and internal material decomposed and/or leaked out. It’s what happens to a body during putrefaction and the smell is unbearable. I’ve never been privy to it, but a buddy of mine who spent many a year on homicide duty for a city police force, describes it in a very effective way. I can only imagine what awaited the emergency personnel who arrived on the scene at Layne’s; poor Layne…actually, I really don’t want to imagine, I’d rather have my memories of him through his art and the true, inspiring artist he was/is.

    But yeah, suffice to say, there is no way he was that frail while alive. I had a friend who died of cancer who probably weighed 86 lbs. or so, but he was barely 5 feet tall and still he looked like a concentration camp victim. Hard living manifests itself in a variety of ways, but I think with Layne, it probably mostly aged him rapidly. Sure, he was very frail, but there’s no way he could’ve survived as long as he did weighing under 100 lbs. Even someone like Stephen Hawking, who has lost most of his muscle mass to disease weighs more than that (and he looks to be rather tall and lanky in photos taken before he was confined to a wheelchair)…actually, come to think of it, most photos I’ve seen of him lately, he actually looks less fragile than he did in the 90s.

    But yeah…back to Layne…I think someday there will be a better, more complete picture painted of his last years by people who actually were around him. The more years that pass, the less “touchy” the subject becomes and the more people want to know things beyond the National Enquirer-level curiosity. Not sure if a “Behind the Music” episode would be the best place to air this story, though.

  • Dave

    I think this pic is from 2001, because I’ve seen two pics of Layne and they were taken after he recorded Get Born Again and Died and he had short hair..Trying to find them online I had them on my old computer but it broke…I find them I’ll post the link and you all can decide.

  • SalmonCakes

    @Sickwit_it You’re correct about the Rainbow being the bar. It’s been called a few differentthings over the years (Now it’s Club Fusion) but it’s always been a drug den. The Blue Moon next door too. I find it very hard to believe the picture is actually of Layne. I’m somebody who has seen him up close in real life more than once. He doesn’t look tall enough and the chin isn’t right. I’m not even sure this guy was dressed up as Layne for Halloween. I think it’s just some dude and after the picture was taken someone said, “Hey, you look like Layne Staley in this picture.” Also, if this was 2001, I’m really sorry but Layne looked a lot worse than that. Sadly, he was a recluse. He didn’t leave or answer the door. He managed to make it to the cash machine and occasionally to the store for anything but food. Many friends and musicians left food at his door almost daily. Who knows who ended up eating it. These were people at their wits end about what to do to help him. An old friend of his worked as a broker downtown and swung by every single day on his way home to Snohomish County. He said he did it to feel like he was doing something. I’d love to be able to tell everyone that he was enjoying life and just happened to OD in April but the real story is much worse than that. Sad stuff.

  • allie

    what do you know about “the real story” ? he wasn’t at his wits end. so sick of the lies. i challenge you. you know nothing. those friends were liars cheater and fame whores. some still are. but justice is better than revenge. wait and know this.

  • SalmonCakes

    what do you know about “the real story” ? he wasn’t at his wits end. so sick of the lies. i challenge you. you know nothing. those friends were liars cheater and fame whores. some still are. but justice is better than revenge. wait and know this

    For all those who wonder why more people who really knew Layne or the situation don’t talk or post about it, this is why. I didn’t say he was at his wits end, I said his friends were. Which is true. How do you want to challenge me? If it makes you feel better to think he was living an even semi-normal existence, go right ahead. I’m not a crazy fan who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. While most people were crossing their fingers hoping he’d get his shit together so a new album could come out, a lot of people were consumed with helping him. You can only ring a buzzer so many times, if he doesn’t wanna answer, he doesn’t wanna answer. Do you really think he wouldn’t have been found for all those days if he was talking to anyone? He hadn’t withdrawn his 400 dollar a day max from the cash machine in over a week. His accountant was really the only person who knew if he was alive or not those last few months by checking his bank account. She’s the one who called Susan Silver who in turn got a hold of Nancy. Everything I’ve said is absolutely 100% true. I’m on a private Layne board and was told about this fake picture over here. What a waste of my time. Take care.

  • Michael

    I dont doubt salmon cakes at all…..the reason there are no pics and very few stories from the reclusive years is just that….he was a recluse. Im not trying to flame its just that druggies hang out with druggies. When you are doing heroin for as long as Layne was (amongst other drugs) there arent many if any people that are trustworthy. After all that time the one or two people in that lifestyle that maybe were trustworthy were most likely dead or in prison. On top of that the shame. Think about it…productive people had what in common with layne those last few years? Sadly, nothing. With all that said, Layne probably felt so very alone. The drugs magnify that feeling. I’m so torn in the way that addicts are looked at by society. Being a recovering addict myself, it makes me sad to KNOW what Layne went through….maybe not to the extent of his battle. It is a disease and the earlier your friends and family can intervene the better. And the most important thing, you cannot help someone that will not help themself…period. R.I.P. Layne Staley – NEVER FORGOTTEN

  • Nico Toscani

    Yeah… that’s not Layne Staley at all. Just some guy who looks a bit like him.


    LANE i wish would have quit the drugs and kept rockin with your band. i’m sorry for what happened.

  • BloodSwamp

    It’s hard to explain something when a poor guy became somewhat a myth. Everyone tries to tell his version, everyone tries to lie about this and that, or add something here and there to the story. Anyway this pic is from a Jerry Cantrell show, taken backstage in a club in Seattle, WA, on Halloween 1998. As sure as the sun. Peace.

  • Kris

    Layne is the best ever & will always be missed R.I.P Layne your not suffering any longer

  • I’m late, as usual

    I came here for the answer if it’s really Layne or not and I’m leaving with NO answer at all. After carefully reading 92 assumptions, guesses, so called truths, half truths, no truths, tribute/memories to a wonderful man and mostly bullshitters, I’ve come to the conclusion that No one REALLY knows if it’s Layne in the photo, if so, what year. Therefore this website is worthless. Thanks anyway.

  • studhowzer’s mom

    It seems like only the “good” (… with warts & all) die young.

    RIP Layne.

  • Laura

    Umm, wtf? Idk who u people r, if u r all psychopaths and liars..or if maybe one of u is telling the truth, but it’s being drowned out by all the bullshit, but I am just completely disgusted right now. As a newcomer to the world of love for Layne Staley, I feel totally disrespected by all of this shit. I wish someone, ANYONE with a truthful, honest knowledge of Layne would tell us IF this is Layne and, if so, when? I guess I will just contact his “estate” myself and try to find out. *shaking my head * Some of u r just unbelievably pathetic.

  • jesse daniels

    Aside from metal gear solid I’d love to know what his video game collection consisted of

  • dino

    Can anyone prove if this is Layne?

  • Caz

    There’s a lot of hero-worship in here, which can be dangerous, even hurtful on all sides. Why does it hurt some so badly that he’d been a recluse in his last few months? I’d surmise that nearly every addict who dies in such a horrendous way couldn’t have died in such a horrendous way if they *weren’t*. If he’d had people around him, people who cared about him, he wouldn’t have been there for days on end, dead. There are rumors everywhere of course; one I’ve heard is that “fans” would drop by with drugs for him, just to get a glimpse of their “hero”. That depresses me more than thinking of Layne as a recluse, simply because they’d *cashed in* on his reclusive state.

    But I didn’t know him. Most of the people commenting here didn’t know him. No one should be saying they “know what happened” or fight theories as to what *most likely* happened when those theories are based on facts when it comes to the severely addicted. It doesn’t mean they’re true, but when your drive to fight it comes from hero-worship…

  • Crystal

    RIP Layne. I pray that you have found peace. You’re truly missed. Gone too soon.

  • Mindy Coffey

    Quiet frankly it is no ones business (as fans) what Layne did in his personal time & his music was all & ever will be what mattered to me. Adriana Rubio’s book should be all gathered up & tossed in a fire b/c it has not much relevance to anything concerning true fans are interested in or should even believe

  • ALittleBitter

    OH it’s Layne alright. The crappy part is he is legendary for messed up stories and “I’m his friend, his best friend, I was there etc.” Layne not being as reclusive as the media leads us to believe, yes I believe that. He loved his town and was spotted various places not TOOO far from his condo. #1. Can’t believe ANYTHING without multiple or solid factual evidence backing it up especially with Layne and the history of shitty writers/authors/”friends” who jab at the “auto-wreck can’t look away” Layne and not the amazing and talented person he was. Personally, I don’t believe the story and I don’t see why anyone would have to hide a picture. I would guess this picture to be more around Halloween of 99 but I suppose it could be 98. His hair was getting long(er) in the second coming photos (97?) and would have reached this length (my guess in about 2 years perhaps 1 1/2). Mike Starr said that Layne told him he was sick (which wouldn’t be hard to do when your immune system is shot) and this “sickness” could have been oppressing him for years before that and no one wants to leave their home when they are sick.