• Shawn Still

    Where’s the 8mm?

  • Shawn Still

    By the way, worst \\”Our Generation\\” website ever? Did these kids even experience any of this? You will be hearing of me shortly! Long time listener; first time poster.

  • Jeremy

    When I’m looking at his suicide note, if I’m right, there is a pen sticked thru the paper, but when I search on the internet, there is no picture of his note, where the mark (or hole) from the pen is visible… where’s the truth?

    • djh62179

      Well I believe the note we’ve all seen for years is a fax copy made by the PI that Love hired, right? Up until this time I never knew it was written in red and on that paper with the curvey edge. Pretty weire seeing him laying there, I mean come on how long til the rest of the pics with his head in them leak? You know it’s going to happen.

    • spavis

      Well, one thing I can say, the truth isn’t anywhere near Courtney Love, who has squandered much of Kurt’s fortune and done pretty much nothing regarding him since his death except slander and dishonor her husband. These bogus shots of the crime scene are just another way she can gather some more publicity for herself. Between that and the second biography her “friend” Charles Cross is writing, let it be known that Courtney loves absolutely no one but herself and herself alone.

  • Shawn Still

    Soundgarden Live Superunknown at SXSW, should be first lesson for those who need a reminder! Not a mention of this on this site, and I for one will not bite my keyboard anymore!

    • Boom

      The Shawn Still. Come here and comment first time and Boom think you have the issues. Attention type issues. You see, Boom run this place and there no room on team Boom for you. Where my brother the Whiskey Boom wonder. Team captain the Whiskey.

      Boom out!!
      Now go rock the fuck out to the Bleach. Boom say fuck the haters Nd fake ass posers.

      • whisky

        Here I am, Boom. Still got your back, brother…

  • BOOM

    Boom still enjoy sucking cock, lots!

    Boom out!!!

  • fsh

    Shit, that’s him laying there in the last pick.

  • Rizz Lipps

    What is the point of doing this? I mean, I know the point – the media are satan – but what is really the point?

  • c

    If you look at the note online, where the hole would be is the eleventh line in the middle where it says the truth is i cant fool you. Right in the middle of that the paper has been taped back together for completion.

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  • Haris

    This is sad and does not offer anything good to us Nirvana fans. Please stop posting death photos! Why did the Seattle police do that? This seems like a desperate move in order to avoid negative press about their supposed inability to handle the incident in a proper way. But they insult the fans and the dead in doing that! These photos are a disgrace!!! Again, stop posting them people!

  • Courtney Rocks!

    heartbreaking (-

    • http://nemsworld.com Christine


  • http://www.twitter.com/romankoschar Roman Koschar

    Is that really necessary?Is it really necessary to further exploit this tragedy, this strike at the very heart of music? What´s the reason for this? Bad sales figures? Boredom? I can\’t understand why the Seattle police Department don\’t just quietly reopen the case and investigate if they feel that there is need for further explanation instead of throwing these pictures in the faces of people who claim to \’report\’ while they are really just piercing old wounds open again for a few clicks on the web. To see this happening chokes me and I´d like to simply pretend it´s not, but that would´t change the fact that some are doing all they can to take the practice of turning this tragedy into an advertisement one step further and I feel sorry for the friends and family who are now, nearly 20 years on still have to endure this and I say that while being conscious about the fact that writing this makes me guilty as well.

  • Ghost

    Cigar box on the floor…..Immortality


    This is sad if he hated the fame he should of just left nirvana the music business and Courtney love but the truth is he probably would have still ended up killing himself sad to say but some people cant or don\\’t want help and i think he was one of them.RIP Kurt Cobain.

  • Chris

    I\’ve never liked Nirvana…but God damn. That\’s eerie to see.Thank you for reporting on this. There\’s no reason not to, despite what some commenters might say.

  • Gardenia

    People are in outrage that you can see part of his body in the last photo. Correct me if I\\\\\’m wrong but didn\\\\\’t they show part of his body on the main page of the Seattle times when it happened?

  • Sandro

    I hope they ran these photos by his family first before publically releasing.
    Kurts mother in particular took his death very badly.
    You can see Kurt’s body in a few of them. Not really a good thing publishing.

    • Roadsie

      you mean the same mother who kicked him out of home as a young teenager and wanted nothing to do with him until he was famous?

      • Sandro

        Dude thats incredibly harsh and the second bit of what you say is just not true.

  • Joe

    I have always wanted to see Kurt\’s dead face. Please Brett, when the pictures leak, of course you won\’t post them here, but at least give us the link.

    • Sandro

      why would you WANT to see that?
      for what its worth the electrician who discovered him said he just looked like he was sleeping. He didn’t “blow his head off” as many casually say.
      Either way why would you want to look at that? I don’t understand.

      • poisonapple

        some people are just fucked up

  • Aaron

    wow, really sad. I remember that week of school, I don’t think anybody got anything done. I hope these weren’t released because of the hall of fame induction, that would be really bad taste. Its rough for the parents to have this continually brought up by the police.

    • Sandro

      why would you WANT to see that?
      for what its worth the electrician who discovered him said he just looked like he was sleeping. He didn’t “blow his head off” as many casually say.
      Either way why would you want to look at that? I don’t understand.

      • Sandro

        that was meant as a reply to Joe BTW not Aaron.

  • Anth

    What does the note on the stool say? “Now you have…”

    • Sandro

      “now you have many legs to stand on.”

  • whisky

    I’ll say this to the people freaking out about these pics being released, and to the others saying stupid shit about wanting to see his dead face… None of it matters. We all know what happened. Don’t feed the hype, don’t get all worked up and involved… Just do what Boom says and rock the fuck out to some Bleach, motherfuckers.

  • http://reverbnation.com/chrisedwards chris

    Dang! I see a pack of American Spirits in that scene. Leave it to Kurt to be ahead of the curve on those hipster young’uns of today even as he was dying in 1994.

  • unglue

    So sad when I saw that picture.

  • Millz

    His home address in Carnation WA is on his drivers license.

  • Raj

    First the Seattle Police say they’ve assigned a detective to re-examine the case files because it’s a cold case, so he reviews the evidence and determines no change from the original ruling. Then the Seattle PD come out and say the case has not been reopened, I know it’s the 20th anniversary but that doesn’t justify releasing photos of a crime scene. I know everyone is curious and things leak but they should just leave it alone. Creepy to see his hand in first photo and part of his body in the last one. I gotta give Kurt props for his hair in the DL pic.

    • Roadsie

      the police in Seattle are notoriously bad and no im not just talking about the Cobain investigation.
      i also noticed the spikey hair in Kurts pic on his DL. wonder what year that was from ?

  • Big M

    I’m pretty sure Joe is kidding- he’s trying to say that this footage shouldn’t be meant for us to see. I mean I’m pretty sure he’s kidding….

  • Boom

    People! Boom say this. Who give a fuck if pictures out there. It no matter. The people who want to see the Kurdt’s face need to give it rest and grow the fuck up.
    Fact of matter is the Kirdt was talented music man then turned into the junkie. He had the depression like millions of people, Boom has the depression also. The Kurdt had the depression, had the stomach problems, turned junkie like Boom already state. Then the Kurdt had the baby Bean and was very the famous. The Kurdt no handle the fame they say and he is alleged to have shot own face with shotgun.

    At end of day he leave the baby Bean with no father due to fact he was just a loser junkie that could not cope with real life and everyday problems.
    Boom always like the Kurdt’s music and band but he made a loser decision and took coward way out. You never leave the baby with no father ever!! You have the problems you deal with them. You no deal with the problems you go to your HiFi unit and crank the Rolling Stones Exhile on Main Street to the 11 and rock the fuck out!!

    Boom out!!
    Boom take own advice and rock the fuck out to the Exhile now. Sometimes Boom likes to start with side 2, not this time though, it be side 1, “Rocks off”

    • Courtney Rocks!

      Youre bit of an asshole Boom.
      Kurt was not merely sulking when he shot himself.
      Re-read his suicide note . He actually thought he was doing Frances a favour by killing himself rather than being alive. That is how depressed , dark and how fuzzy his own logic in his own mind had got :-

      “I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy and a daughter who reminds me too much of what i used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every person she meets because everyone is good and will do her no harm. And that terrifies me to the point to where I can barely function. I can”t stand the thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive, death rocker that I’ve become”

      Kurt had got seriously ill late on. Phsyically and mentally. He came to the conclusion that ppl he loved were better off with himself dead than alive. That’s how dark his mindset had got and how seriously depressed he had got. He wasn”t just sulking when shot himself , He was seriously ill . He isn’t the fist or last drug addict to end up killing themself but talk of being a “coward” here doesn’t really mean anything. Its very well for you being an asshole talking in sucg bravado terms but it means nothing. Yes he could have sorted himself out and should have done but this idea Kurt was having great time or taking easy option out when he actually killed himself is a fallacy.It completely sucked for him as well as was painfully put in in his suicide note and he is dead.

      • Boom

        Not being asshole. Boom just say you no never leave your children. If sick get help. Nobody Do it alone.

        Boom can read the heroin twisted suicide note all want, it no change facts. The Kurdt turned into weak minded sick fuck and took selfish way out. Cowards way. No thought of family and friends and ones who live him. Just thought about own self.
        Just Booms opinion. Boom no rip on your wacky opinions you try same.
        Boom out!! No like Boom then fuck off.

        • Courtney Rocks!

          You underestimate depression and mental illness. Kurt in his own fuzzy and clouded logic thought he was doing Frances a favour in killing himself. thats how ill he had got. I’m not excusing Kurt at all. He should have sorted himself out but i am emphasising his judgement was clouded at the time because he was ill.

          • Corndog

            You seriously need to get over yourself. Boom is totally correct. There is simply no excuse for a parent leaving their child, ever, period. Christ, you act like he was the only person in the world ever to feel depression. I have also been treated for it and at times I feel incredibly low but I would crawl through fire for my son and would never abandon him like Kurt did with his child. Guy was in a position of incredible privilege. He could have got all the help money can buy and at the very least learn to live with his ‘pain’ forhis child’s sake, but no. He was just a whiney fuck who clearly cared more about feeling sorry for himself than he did for his daughter. Yeah, killing himself was better for his daughter. That’s bollocks. Dude wasn’t stupid. No away he really believed that shit. That’sewhat you call a convenient excuse to justify a course of action he knew was wrong. He was a ballbag.

  • Courtney Rocks!
  • whisky

    None of what you\’ve said justifies the fact that he chose the cessation of his own pain over being a father to his child. Go on about how he believed it was better for his daughter if he were dead, but it\’s all bullshit. The man was miserable, and tired of it, so he ended himself; in doing so, he abandoned his baby girl. What he should have done was bear the pain and love his child. Fuck the excuses. We all wish he was still around, but that doesn\’t mean we can\’t acknowledge that he fucked up. Now go rock the fuck out to some Rory Gallagher!!

    • whisky

      And, Brett, get rid of these FUCKING backslashes, for FUCK’S sake!!!!

    • Courtney Rocks!

      You , Boom and Corndog seem to be completely misssing my point.
      I already said Kurt COULD and SHOULD have sorted himself out . We are all in agreement there.
      However what i am trying to explain though is that mental illness clouds judgement. it can make ppl do stupid things and think stupid things.Kurt did think ppl were better off without him . That is there in his suicide note. As uncomfortable as that is . It’s what he thought at the time. He was wrong but thats what he thought. What i am saying is his judgement calling and train of thought was clouded because he was mentally ill with severe depression. He could not see the trees from the woods because he was ill.
      As you and Boom and Corndog seem to be suggesting in killed himself out of spite or something. That’s doing Kurt a diservice. He got ill. He should have got better help. Calling ppl cowards who end up actually end up killing themself is just a cop out and just bypasses drug addiction and mental illness.

      • Boom

        You see, Boom say this. You no know Boom well, Boom 58, been off and on the heroin since ’70’s. Had wicked bad relapse at Christmas this year. One time in the ’80’s Boom go to the Mexico for the weekend and gone for 5 fucking years, chasing the dragon in the Tijuana. All whacked out.

        Boom suffer from the depression since long as remember, before it was a diagnosis. So you the. Courtney Rocks Boom know more about the sickness and the stigma and the addiction then most. What fuck you know? What you read in the books? What the people tell you?
        And Boom still rocking he fuck out. Think of family Boom does an things always get better. See my daughters and son grow up Boom did.

        Unless you suffer from the mental illness and have done dealt with it shut your fat mouth. You think you know it all, Boom say you no know fucking shit.

        Boom leave you with this thought, until you Know what the fuck you speak of, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

        Boom out!!
        Now go rock the fuck out to some Sticky Fingers.

  • Boom

    Boom agree with the Whiskey. Smart as fuck he is. And the young Brett, while you rid this place of the dreaded backslashes, help Boom out little. You see young Brett, Boom old as fuck and eyes no work well like did in younger days. Get the fuck rid of your little letters Boom need to type in every time. The captcha as it called here. Simply put GET RID OF FUCKING CAPTCHA LETTERS. MUCH TOO FUCKING HARD TO SEE. ALSO GET RID OF THE BACKSLASH FOR THE BROTHER WHISKEY. Boom the fuck out!!Try 5 fucking times to type little letters.