New Kings of Leon Album Influenced By Queens of the Stone Age

Nathan Followill said in a new interview with Rolling Stone that a track on the new Kings of Leon album Mechanical Bull is influenced by Queens of the Stone Age:

“Lucky for us we were all in the same headspace, and taking that break allowed us to fall back in love with what we get to do for a living,” he said. “We did what we’ve known to do for 12 years, which was pick up our instruments and play.”

He went on to add: “We’d go in every day and play stuff we were into, and it was interesting hearing what people were into. There are a couple songs that could be considered country ballads, even though they’re not country songs. One song has more of a Queens Of The Stone Age feel. Another one sounds more like Sly And The Family Stone. It’s all across the board.”

  • Superfuzz

    Hope the lyrics on mechanical bill are better than last few albums. Great music but very average lyrics I find.

  • Tastes Grungey

    He said one song sounds like Queens, not the whole album..

  • Clem Halibut

    Hopefully not recent QOTSA because that stuff is terrible.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Seriously? You must just be a pot stirrer

    • Clem Halibut

      I’ve been a long time fan of QOTSA. I caught one of their first shows ever ack in 1997.
      They had Dave Catching, Nick Oliveri, and Alfredo Hernandez (former Kyuss Drummer).
      The first OOTSA album is one of the greatest debut records ever. Rated R was one of the greatest 2nd albums ever. And Songs For the Deaf is one of the greatest records ever made period.

      The last 2 albums from QOTSA are nowhere close to that level.

      They may be mainstream darlings now…but to anyone in the know…they are not what they once were.

  • NevertheMachine

    Yeah. They are even better now

  • jon ian

    I hate this band of poseurs and name dropping QOTSA is obviously a desperate move. Their flavor of the month status is over. Hit the bricks douchebags.