Online publication the Quietus recently sat down with Mudhoney singer Mark Arm to discuss the band’s brand new Live in Berlin 1988 DVD and more. Here’s an excerpt:

Do you remember how the Berlin gig came about in the first place?

Mark Arm: Not super clearly, I just remember it being very odd. Green River had a couple of failed attempts at touring in the States, and Mudhoney had played only in the Northwest at that point – we’d played in Seattle and I think one show in Portland. So to be flown to Berlin seemed really absurd to us, but it’s not like we were gonna turn that down.

I think we were there for four days and never adjusted to the time difference. We just stayed up all night and slept all day and Berlin was the kind of place at the time where there would be some place open all night. Berlin at the time was like a kind of island city. It was still in East Germany and kind of had its own set of rules. It was pretty wild and super fun and we drank a whole lot of beer.

Do you remember much about the gig itself?

MA: Well, my memory of it is really from watching the DVD at this point. Like “Oh, I humped a monitor! That’s funny!”

Read the rest of the interview here.

  • Mr. Bungle

    Mark Arm is the greatest! Great guy, amazing band… thank god for mudhoney!!

  • Search and Destroy

    Great DVD worth picking up..those boys had a ton of energy back in ’88. Tearing it up like a good ol meat tornado

  • Christine

    I want this DVD! (* adds to ‘wish list’ knowing there is no one to get it for me).

    I have a ton of Mudhoney, I don’t even know how it happened,… just suddenly had everything. Ditto for Dinosaur Jr. (the new LP is great btw).

  • Christine

    I just got a copy of the DVD today.

    It is must have for anyone who has ever enjoyed a Sub Pop release, Mudhoney fans, Pearl Jam / Green River / Tad / Mother Love Bone / etc. fans, Iggy Pop and MC5 fans, Jane’s Addiction fans…..

    It’s just must have. It’s honest, grounded, and brilliant.

    Go get it and mark you calendar for next year’s LP.


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