Morrissey Reveals Who He Endorses For U.S. President

Morrissey is no stranger to controversial and political thought, the former frontman of The Smiths recently told Alternative Nation in a recent interview that president Obama seems “white inside” and doesn’t support African-Americans. Moz has also been well-documented in his criticism of the British royal family. However, with the U.S. elections coming ever so close, the million dollar question is has yet to be answered: “Who would Morrissey support in the 2016 United States presidential race?”

Lucky for us, we found out the answer to this pressing matter during his recent performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on Saturday:

“The U.S. elections are all very well and amusing, of course, but there’s only two possible American presidents in my world: one is Jon Stewart and the other is Bill Maher. Otherwise, forget it.”

You can view fan-shot footage of Morrissey making this announcement below:

  • Boom

    Fuck the Morrisey. Who gives fucks who he thinks be the best for the President even if he do the choosing of comedians. He just another of the British pussies. Only British pussies Boom digs be the redhead hookers from the ’74 in the Liverpool. British whores take it in ass.

    Boom out!!

    • Bram

      Boom, whats your opinion on the Faces?

      • Boom

        Boom opinion of Faces is this. They be the good English rock and rolling band, they drunk as shit and high as kites in ’60’s and ’70’s early mid and do the good music. Then Small faces come and then the RonWood leave and join the Stones to take over for the mick TAylor. Stones never same since and faces small faces the no more either. They no be theBRitish pussies like the Morrisey.

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  • Kytana Martell

    Agree with Morrissey but Janeane Garofalo would be awesome too.