Morrissey Claims He Doesn’t Know A Single Person Who Wants To See The Smiths Reunite

In a new interview with Billboard, Morrissey once again dashed the hopes of reunion of his former band The Smiths by saying the following:

“I don’t know a single person who wants a Smiths reunion!”

Also in the new Billboard interview Morriseey managed to bash modern artists in discussion of how his past ups and downs might influence his next record by saying:

“The good and the bad must be documented. Life is a serious business, so why pretend it isn’t? I’m amused by modern pop artists who can only sing about s.e.x … as if nothing else mattered on the planet.”

  • Big M

    That’s a Morrissey statement if I’ve ever heard one. Maybe all his friends are too scared to say it to him.

  • JG566

    If you read the whole thing and not just one sentence, you would see he is joking. Clearly Morrissey understands the whole world wants to see a reunion. It probably won’t happen, but they asked which of his favorite bands would he ever like to see reform and he said “None.”

  • Moz

    Ever thought he might be speaking sarcastically?

    Guess not, since this site is full of complete fucking twits

  • Big M

    This is why people hate people who listen to Morrissey. And I say that as a Morrissey fan. It’s my fault the article is misleading and I don’t give a damn enough to go find the full article to hear what the guy has to say? Moz just go back to the Pitchfork site where you belong.

  • Moz

    Big M you are a literal bitch