A couple more reviews of Scott Weiland’s show from last night in Los Angeles have come in on my website

Ride the Cliche posted:

Just got back home after the show… phenomenal. I was on the railing, basically front and center.

First off, Scott looks good. Like really, really, good. He rocked a couple different looks: suit, no jacket, blazer no tie, slouchie beanie type thing with sunglasses that reminded me of the No4 era.

He came on 45 minutes to an hour after the opening band and played for nearly two hours. Scott was on fire, like I hoped he would be. Yes, I have a setlist to share!

Opening Jam
Wicked Garden
Jean Genie
Kitchenware & Candybars
Where The River Goes/Mountain Song
Big Empty
Can’t Stand Me Now
Interstate Love Song
Dead & Bloated
Sex Type Thing

LA Woman

Naked Sunday
Roadhouse Blues
Still Remains

*The Audibles were segues into other songs; good luck with trying to get me to remember where they went.

D&B was played with a totally different arrangement, with the band using something similar to Crackerman/STT. Speaking of the Wildabouts, they were a LOT cleaner than the many times I’ve seen them in the past. Scott missed a few lines, but nothing glaring like people made it out to be.

I wasn’t sure if it was just me reading into things way too much, but I definitely felt Scott’s hurt when he was playing some of the songs. He talked in between songs… Red Bull/Red Balls, his fiancee (3 times, I believe), love and different types of love, and he did say something about STP which I totally didn’t catch because the sound was muffled. “_______ _____ ____ Stone Temple Pilots”

Very interactive with the crowd, lots of excellent photo ops. This was the most active on stage I’ve seen him in awhile. Lots of shimmying, shaking, dancing, twirling, and looking into his eyes, the fire’s there. I think he was genuinely touched to see everyone there for him.

That’s all I can remember right now. Ask any questions to jog my memory!

(I’ll have to go through pics and video to see if my crappy camera got anything decent.)

The Crow posted:

I walked into HOB at 9:15. Blur’s Song #2 was blaring through the house speakers. Place was pretty packed, and there seemed to be an overall feeling of excitement and apprehension from the crowd. Scott went on stage about 20 minutes after my arrival.

He received a very warm welcome when he came to the stage. The crowd was supportive and true Scott fans all night long. Here are my scattered late night thoughts:

It was a good show.

The band seemed to be pretty tight, but Doug Green and his keyboard stuff gave the material a Rush – Tom Sawyerly kind of feel. They played Meatplow early in the set, and it was my favorite STP tune they played all night. Scott mentioned how it was the first time they had played it live, and they had ‘hit it out of the park’. He was right. Nailed it.

Jean Genie, Mountain song, and L.A. Woman were all pretty damn good covers. Scott came out to L.A. Woman for the first song of the encore dressed like the he did for The Doors storytellers- black cap and shades. They did a long version that won me over by the end. No good rants about “The current situation”. He made the kind of rants where he makes little sense, but seemingly sober. Just doing his Weiland thing. He asked for a Coca-Cola to come to the stage once. So he may have a dependency on high fructose corn syrup?

He mentioned the Hobbit and how the book started with the word ‘Hullo-H-U-L-L-O-Hullo’. Kept saying Hullo over and over. Morrissey was there according to some, I didn’t see him. I did see the fedora glasses wearing dude from Celebrity rehab who is one of Dr. Drew’s accolytes. He kept texting and blocking my view.

Scott riffed on some Brit-pop documentary and how Noah Gallagher was rich, while Liam was living above a bar or something. And they still had the same hairdo. Then he said something like if you heard Liam talk in the documentary, you would know why Noel wrote the lyrics. Then he praised Oasis, and said here is a song from a different British band that was a one hit wonder. Then they played some song by The Libertines.
Wicked Garden, Kitchenware and Candybars, and Vasoline came off well. Big Empty and Creep did not. Those songs should have been anthems to sing along with the audience. They were not.

Scott said he would announce where the after party was later in the show. Later in the show he said it would be at the bass player’s house. Unfortunately I didn’t know where the bass player lived. Scott mentioned “Krustee” a couple times. After one song he said it was dedicated to “Krustee”. So props to “Krustee”, I guess. He also kept mentioning his fiancée and how they are getting married soon. Scott said his fiancée really likes Doug also.

Scott flubbed some lines and prompts on occasion during songs. His band was prepared and professional about it. How homeboy still messes up Creep is beyond me. I just want to sing along, not be embarrassed for you when you don’t remember your lyrics. Fuck. They also kept prolonging the ending of songs all night, and it became a little tedious. End the song and let us praise you. Scott changed his vocal tone and presentation with certain lines and parts of songs. Some kind of creepy voice too. Wasn’t into it.
No Plush.

They changed Dead and Bloated around to almost sound Crackermanish, but I liked it. Scott kept using one of those theramins(musical wand) throughout the show. I like that kind of artsy Jimmy Page kind of shit, but some of the sounds he made were too loud and high pitched. You don’t want people to put their fingers in their ears during the rock show, and at times they had too. They closed the show with Unglued. Moderation is masturbation. The show was reminiscent of masturbation for me. Satisfying to an extent, but ain’t nothing like fucking.

I went with a buddy of mine. I would say his favorite band is The Grateful Dead. He knows a couple of STP’s hits, and that is about it. In other words, he is neutral. He enjoyed the show and would give it a A-/B+. I talked to some other fans and hangers on at The Whiskey Bar afterward. It seemed that the bigger fan you were of STP and Scott, the more you were disappointed. While the people who were just out at a rock show with no skin in the game really liked the show.

For me, it was a good show. I wanted a little more fire, a little more Core, and a little more Purple. Oh well. I was truly surprised there was no long winded cryptic rant. But Weiland kept it classy on stage.

I got nothing else for now. Rock.

  • Doug

    Meatplow sounds good, Creep is crap.

    I just wanna hear another attempt at where the river goes.

  • the keeper

    Eh I hate the way he sings Meatplow, no more Bowie vibrato please I want hard rocking Scott back!

    Although it is still not STP without him

  • Raj

    Meatplow was done too fast and I don’t know if they were using a different arrangement on Creep but that looked sloppy.

  • Alternadude

    Oh no…:(

  • the grinch

    wow…. sounds like he has already given up. Get a new backing band, better sound guy, learn your own lyrics and remind us why we might have cared in the past.

  • Ben

    Jesus that was all terrible. There is no justifying.

  • Lennart

    WOW, that band sounds horrible and Scott is way off key.. cringeworthy..