• JustSayNO

    What happened to their scarves?

  • Spoonman

    scott and his bass player seem really tight

  • ShaneC

    In that second photo, his wife doesn’t look sexy at all.

  • ejsme

    ^^^LMAO!!!! Best comment ever!!

  • Animaan

    Scott looks pretty shitty in the second photo, real tired and just out of it. I’ve given up on Scott by this point to be honest, he’s had an amazing career, and I REALLY hope I’m proven wrong, but I don’t see him doing anything great again. It sucks, but he’s just so in denial about himself it’s just way past the point of resurrection.


    Scott Weiland is not in denial over anything 🙂 he just got married. RESPECT THE MAN OK??

  • Roger

    Anyone taking bets on how long this one will last?