• Corndog

    Wait, Kurt Cobain is dead???

  • Raj

    In that first picture, that cop is totally posing for the camera.


    Yep, he is dead. Has been for almost twenty years to be exact. In one week it will be twenty years.

    • Corndog

      Really? You think? Jeez…..

  • Eric

    I’m not easily offended, but I think these pictures are sort of morbid.

  • Big M

    Same here Eric.

  • Courtney Rocks!

    Kurt was the heartbreaker kid.

  • amlynnxx

    wow, why would the cops be smiling for the pictures at such a horrible scene.. That doesn\\’t make sense to me. I really think they should just leave it alone, it happened so long ago.. Let Kurt rest in peace, If it was suicide I\\’m sure that\\’s what he would have wanted.. Also why are they just looking into these pictures now? how come they weren\\’t inspected at the time? …These photo\\’s just bring up more sadness for his fans and more thoughts that it was a conspiracy. And I don\\’t understand how they think a couple photo\\’s make it \\”obvious it was suicide\\” they don\\’t prove anything. RIP Kurt <3

  • Justo

    Everything surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death , last few days and the investigation stinks.
    The case should be reopened.
    If what is claimed the heroin dosage he took is correct theres no way on earth he would have even removed the syringe out of his arm let alone be able to put away and to take a gun a pull trigger. You OD from heroin you go under straight away . No few minutes delay.
    Seriously ppl – theres something very wrong about the official verdict.

    • Justo

      1.52 milligrams per liter was his heroin level !
      Do people not realise what an insane ammount of heroin that is ? It would knock out a rhino instantly.
      It doesn’t matter if Cobain was biggest junkie on planet he would be knocked out within micro seconds of injecting and would have died with syringe stuck in arm still.
      I can’t believe how bad this investigation in general was and how naive ppl are.
      Im not saying Courtney Love or whoever killed him but he certainly would NOT been able to take that much heroin , pull syringe out put away and then use a gun. He was assisted at least.
      Whole thing stinks ppl.

    • Sandro

      Wheres that actual stat come from though?
      Its often quoted but as far as i know it was Tom Grant who made or said that stat in first place. As far as i know no toxicology report of the ammount of heroin in Cobains system has ever been actually made public , no? I agree tho 1.52 mg of heroin per liter of blood is a very high level and likely to send someone immediately into death or coma.

    • Courtney Rocks!

      Youre an asshole. That figure only comes from Tom Grant’s claims you asshole.

      • JG566

        From what I remember Tom Grant was saying to show him just one documented case in history where it would be possible to put everything away and operate a firearm in that manner. If you could he would shut down the investigation, but nobody has shown one in 20 years. There is your answer.

      • Boom

        You see, Boom say this. You no know Boom well, Boom 58, been off and on the heroin since ’70?s. Had wicked bad relapse at Christmas this year. One time in the ’80?s Boom go to the Mexico for the weekend and gone for 5 fucking years, chasing the dragon in the Tijuana. All whacked out.
        Boom suffer from the depression since long as remember, before it was a diagnosis. So you the. Courtney Rocks Boom know more about the sickness and the stigma and the addiction then most. What fuck you know? What you read in the books? What the people tell you?
        And Boom still rocking he fuck out. Think of family Boom does an things always get better. See my daughters and son grow up Boom did.
        Unless you suffer from the mental illness and have done dealt with it shut your fat mouth. You think you know it all, Boom say you no know fucking shit.
        Boom leave you with this thought, until you Know what the fuck you speak of, SHUT THE FUCK UP!
        Boom out!!
        Now go rock the fuck out to some Sticky Fingers.

      • Justo

        No it doesn’t.
        Watch and listen to the recent detective on CBS. He even says Cobain took “10 times a lethal dose”
        It doesnt matter if you are biggest junkie on planet that would knock you out immediately whilst injecting. This case should be openend immediately . Kurt Cobain would have not been physically capable to remove syringe from arm , put away drugs and to use a gun after taking such a huge ammount. He would have immediately went under from the OD of heroin. He could not have done all this alone.
        So yes the case should be reopened because as it stands its a complete farce. No fingerprints on gun , suicide letter or pen by the way.

        Seattle police are completely incompetent and any sane person knows this case needs to be reinvestigated.


    1994 missing rock musician Kurt Cobain later turned out dead by supposed Suicide
    2014 missing jet liner goes missing

    whats the connection??


    think about it

  • JG566

    Botched investigation..

  • jim garturt

    If he was taking high doses then he could inject then grab the gun and boom. So it’s possible. The cops-investigators always treat these celebrity scenes as a chance for fame and just the fact that you all are clicking and talking about them proves my point.

    The reason is any celeb anniversary like this is brought up is the fame they all get. Tv loves this and websites eat it up. Kurt has gotten more from his death than his music and will soon be only known as the guy who became so famous from killing himself. Of course that’s what the media wants now.

    • Justo

      1.52 mg of heroin per liter of blood is isnane level.
      The ammount of hroin Kurt used would knock out the most serious hardcore junkie on planet instantly. There is no way on earth any junkie no matter if were biggest junkies on planet would not be knocked out instantly . And would have OD’d with seringe still in arm.
      Seriously this case needs to be reopened.


    These photos almost look photoshopped and what kind of police department would post a possible crime scene / suicide scene like this for the public??? And by the way, doesnt that look like record producer Steve Alibini? Its strange if you ask me