Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: May 2015

Welcome to the 37th version of Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase. Last time, we posted the bands: Dry Can, New Oceans, Lightbulb, and Gazer. Click here to check out the previous feature. If you are interested in being in future installments of the feature, please email to be considered. For now, here’s some bands that peaked our interest. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

Red Sky Mary

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New Hampshire-based four-piece, Red Sky Mary, is a reckoning force riding the wave of modern alternative mixed with 70’s rock in the same vein of Wolfmother and Crobot. Grammy-nominated producer/mixer Johnny K (Staind, Disturbed) pinpoints the lively energy and Led Zeppelin spunk for their upcoming nationwide debut, River Child, which will be released on May 12th via Carved Records. Watch the lyric video for “Howl” below:

Deaf Rhino

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Deaf Rhino’s sassy grooves and upbeat delivery create for a compelling contrast against current minimalistic, over-produced trends. The New Jersey band just recently released their debut full-length album, Dirt, Rust, Chaos, with borderline ballsy garage rock and infectious power pop traits. Check out the track “If I Could” below:


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Hailing from southern Spain, Parlement smoothly executes a unique, yet noisy, coffeehouse styled rock sound with subtle hints at indie and blues influences. The group plan to release their upcoming album later this year, which will also include the single, “Blood.” Watch the video for “Legend” below:

Dinosaur Eyelids

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Some may say alternative music is defined by attitude and Dinosaur Eyelids’ snappy verses followed by crunching riffs is quite clearly one that exerts a tasteful amount of angst and energy. They recently released their fourth album, Bypass to Nowhere, a melting pot of 90’s grunge and modern rock that make up the diverse array of twelve hard-hitting tracks. Check out tracks “Byzantine Conduit” and “Vernal Equinox” below: