Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: April 2015 (#2)

Welcome to the 36th version of Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase. Last time, we posted the bands: Honeyblood, Slutever, Mirror Illusion, and Desgraciadas. Click here to check out the previous feature. If you are interested in being in future installments of the feature, please email to be considered. For now, here’s some bands that peaked our interest. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

Dry Can

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One could assume that a jam rock approach to a Pearl Jam song format would be far from conventional aesthetics, but to my dismay, Dry Can pull it off with exceedingly impressive ease. This French four-piece group define originality with the release of last year’s LP, Meanwhile. Three tracks in, guitarist Anne Lupieri takes the mic to expose her sultry vocals. As a whole, the album is fourteen remarkable songs that explore the realms and far corners of alternative. Watch the video for “Path” below:

New Oceans

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Of all the Seattle sound knock-offs that have spawned in the rebel-against-pop 21st Century scene, New Oceans seem to hit the nail on the head. While most of the grunge wannabes are practicing their “Smells Like Teen Spirit” chord progressions, this trio has found a comfortable niche in the modern version of the abrasive Bleach era. The Chicago-based band’s debut EP, What’s The Use, captures this energy perfectly and sets the stage for more to come. Check out tracks “Two Beds” and “The Good Friend” below:


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Lightbulb is an alternative rock group with eccentrically progressive tendencies. Frontman Ville Puurtinen, bassist Niko Salmela, and drummer Teemu Huuki formed together to construct, Bulb Fiction, a diverse full-length album laced with pop melodies that was released this year. Watch the video for “Broken Bones” below:


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Cincinnati-based noise-punk rock band, Gazer, formed only but a couple years back, yet have already revealed a meaty chunk of gut-wrenching material. Their most recent release, Fake Bulbs, came out last year via Phratry Records. The tweaky experimentation of Tom Morello clashing with the aneurysm-inducing rawness similar to Swans or Big Black allow for a unique and memorable listen. Check out tracks “A Nurse For a Human” and “Defex” below: