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Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: June 2015

Welcome to this month’s Modern Artists Showcase for July of 2015. Last time, we posted the bands: Red Sky Mary, Deaf Rhino, Parlement, and Dinosaur Eyelids. Click here to check out the previous feature. If you are interested in being in future installments of the feature, please email to be considered. For now, here’s some bands that peaked our interest. Let us know in the comments section what you think!


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Lille, an urban city located in Northern France, is the last place to come to mind when I heard the raw crunch of distortion stickily cuddling up against angsty vocals. Yet, the trio that is Alabasterds has proven my Seattle-centric perspective wrong. In February, they released their second EP, Dumb Music for Hipsters, which is bound to have any post-grunge pussy group fall to their knees. Watch the video for “You Know What” below:


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With the sensual croons compared to the likes of Muse or Incubus, this Los Angeles-based rock band brings back the much-needed moody energy to modern alternative rock. Madus has already strapped on their ass-kicking boots while featuring material on shows such as NCIS: LA as well as performing at venues including The Whisky A Go Go, The Key Club and The Troubadour. Keith Armstrong (Green Day, Rise Against) recorded their recent EP, All the Way, brimming with summer stadium rockers. Check out “You Could Never Feel” below:

Pet Sun

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Up north in Ontario, a spark of psychedelic and garage rock has ignited the quartet of Pet Sun. Their Mudhoney/Tame Impala fuzz fusion creates for a fresh feel on today’s over produced melodies. Since formation, the group has released two EPs and played live alongside Bass Drum of Death, The Black Lips and more. You can catch the four-piece while they are currently touring across North America in promotion of their latest single off The Hand Recordings. Watch the music video for “Never Quit” below:

Mardi Belle

Mardi Belle promo

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Proven by the greats of Nirvana or the Beatles, great music is not always about the virtuosity, but rather the emotion and intent. Indianapolis’ Mardi Belle has undoubtfully found the thin median of compositions with both a meaningful melody and sentiment. Just recently, the band debuted their EP, Beautiful Tuesday, via Dead Industry Records. Check out “Killzone” below:

Oh Boy!

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As shown from most of the artists above, the aesthetics of “grunge” seems to be having a resurgence in the new, underground as of lately. Luckily, these acts are topping the genre off with a new stylistic twist such as a pop, noise, or indie focus. Included in this circle, is the hip spazzes behind the raw, energetic group, Oh Boy! They released two EPs last year, with a third on the way. The quintet will also be performing at the 2000 Trees festival in Cheltenham, UK along with Alkaline Trio, Benjamin Booker, and more. Watch the music video for “God, Look After The Quiet Kid!” below:


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Musical roles shared by two french creative gentlemen, Undobar possesses a uniquely haunting mood with bluesy overtones similar to Clutch or Queens of the Stone Age. Released earlier this year, Dark & Rusty, is the duo’s most recent LP filled with tunes true to the album’s name. Check out tracks “Billion of Days” and “Where Art Thou?” below:

Level & Tyson

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While teasing elements of both gritty post-rock and pop-infused indie, Level & Tyson conjure a tasteful blend of unpredictably infectious grooves. Hailing from across the sea in Oslo, Norway, the sum of these five distinct individuals are an indication of the modern “alternative” music scene. Their upcoming album, Gruesome Twosome, will hit the shelves later this year. Watch the music video for “Tied Up” below:


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Nothing quite hit the nail on the head as hard as the stoner-psychedelic movement and Arenna are a perfect example of such a notion. The Spanish group’s compositions smoothly evolve from a slow-paced sludge progression to a Black Sabbath soundscape. They released Given to Emptiness last month via Nasoni Records. Check out tracks “Drums for Sitting Bull” and “Butes” below: