Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: Chicago Metal Edition!

Chicago is a city that has never been a stranger to metal, having produced many metal greats, including Cianide, Kommadant, Trouble, Macabre, Cardiac Arrest, Novembers Doom, Bongripper and Ministry. Metal shows tend to always be all over the city and there is even a metal themed burger place called Kuma’s Corner.

The city also has many local level metal bands, ones that have the potential to gain a dedicated following among metalheads. For this special installment of Modern Artists Showcase, I had the chance to interview a couple of them and compile together an index of several others. Read on and enjoy…



On band’s sound: We are death metal band, but we used to be all over the place. Over time we just got more old school sounding. We are largely influenced by Swedish bands like Entrails and Grave. The early tracks are more melodic and guitar driven.

On band’s name: It dates all the way back to my high school English class. The class room had a section of really comfortable desks and a section of comfy chairs and comfy desks. The teacher said the students who came in first could take the comfy chairs as long as they put them back. I would take them literally everyday. After a while, I felt bad for the other students, so for about a week I let other people have the comfy chairs. They wouldn’t put them back, so my teacher then said there was a moratorium on the chairs. I never heard that word before. I then fused it with the word mord which is German for murder.

On new releases: We just remastered some old tracks.  We are writing new songs, but that’s further in the distance, I guess. It will be a while before there is new stuff.


On “Pizza Song“: We were just jamming in a room. I was recording on my phone and we were coming up with all these goofy things. It was a very magical spare of the moment thing. None of us remember how to play that song, so we can’t play it again. It’s a special one time only song about going to the bar to get pizza.

On Chicago’s metal scene: I think its been awesome lately. The metal shows here get good turn outs. We do still sometimes get bands that would kinda mess with each other. Bands from different groups of people who don’t really crossover. A lot of local bands end up playing with the same bands all the time, but other then that I think its great. A lot of good stuff going around.

On the return of old school death metal: I’d say it started around 2008 with all these bands keeping it going. A band I really think of is Entrails. They were around back in the 90’s but didn’t release anything, then came back in the last few years and are putting out successful albums. They are like a weird combination of a band that’s one of the originals and a throwback at the same time. We have got a lot of killer albums in this style recently. I think it’s great!



On band’s sound: Definitely more of an older style of death metal. I don’t listen to any of the newer styles of death metal, nor would I know how to play it if you asked me to. I stick with the 80’s and 90’s stuff. I feel a lot of newer death metal is either too technical or too clean sounding. I’m a huge fan of Atheist, Demilich, and Timeghoul.

On band’s name: We were looking for something science sounding. A lot of the other names we came up with were already taken by metal bands. The name was a group decision among people who were in the band at the time. I am the only original member still in the band.

On band’s new releases: We are booked to record towards the end of August. It’s going to be a full length album with eight songs to be released by Unspeakable Axe Records, with the same style as what was on the EP.

On  NWA cover: That was a one time only thing. It is nothing something we would do again. It was the idea of former members of the band. Now we just stick to covers that fit the band’s style like our old Timeghoul cover.

On the return of old school death metal: I don’t know about come back as I feel people have always been playing it. The term old school death metal I don’t really like it. To me it just describes any band that sticks to the roots of death metal instead of being clean or super technical. I don’t like calling it an old style, just a different style. I don’t think it ever died out but I do notice it’s getting popular again.

Artist Index



Reign: Technical thrash metal.

Savagery: Crossover thrash.

Scars Of Armageddon: Power metal influenced thrash.

Beyond De-th: Distinct mix of thrash, death and black metal.

Inner Decay: Mixes both older and modern forms of death metal to make an original sound.

Elbow Deep: Comedic metal band that mixes many subgenres.

They Die Screaming: Horror themed Death/Thrash.


Narcotic: One of Chicago’s many old school death metal throwbacks.

Bear Mace: Bear death metal.

Everything Must Die: Death/grind.

Kataplexy: Brutal Death Metal.

Minimum Wage Assassins: Political grindcore.

Fin: Black metal with a minor “kvlt” following.

Smash Potater: High cholesterol crossover thrash.

Wil: Sludge metal featuring guitarist/vocalist,Dave Muntean of Nucleus.

Act of Destruction: Melodeath band of bassist,Nigel Bravo of Mordatorium .

Hate Storm Annihilation: Death metal with amazing drums.