Mike Shinoda Pokes Fun At ‘Linkin Narc’ Controversy

Mike Shinoda took to Twitter Wedneday to post some humorous Tweets in response to the ‘Linkin Narc’ controversy previously reported here. Shinoda proved he has a sense of humor by embracing the hashtag #LinkinNark in his first Tweet. His second post shows the makings of a new Supergroup, ‘Linkin Park with Rome’.

Click to enlarge photos:

Linlin Narc

Linkin Nark Pic 2

  • Mike Ratherson

    LP should have called the cops when Sublime with Rome was smoking. Pot possession is a felony in Arizona with a 1 1/2 year jail term. No Sublime until 2016! LP really blew it!

    • Shane99

      They missed a great opportunity there.