Maynard James Keenan Tells Snowstorm To ‘Suck A Bag Of D**ks,’ Chewbacca Attends Tool Show

Tool toughed out to the snowstorm over the weekend and carried on with their concerts. Fans had great reviews of the show on the band’s Reddit page.

Holy_crow_above_me wrote:

Section 331, perfect angles for all of the visuals. That fucking star man. They knew exactly what they were doing, and this was by far the best I’ve ever seen them perform. They completely reworked all of those songs, it’s as if they were a cover band of themselves only better than the original. Danny was basking in his greatness with the most technical and clear solo I’ve ever seen. Maynard is correct in saying this snow can “suck suck a big bag of salty dicks”

Hiphoppington posted:


Blad514 wrote:

Section 208. My first time seeing Tool. They were incredible. I knew No Quarter was going to be the opener and I wasn’t really too excited…that song is just too long and slow to be an opener, IMO. BUT, being there, in the moment, it totally fucking worked. I have a new respect for that song. I wish the setlist was maybe 3-4 songs longer but I’m not complaining. Some of the songs they DID play were among my very favorites of theirs.

The sound quality in the arena was really good for where we were sitting, I was surprised. My only complaint was this lady SCREAMING throughout Primus’ entire set, (drunk lady voice), “GET UP!! WHY ARE YOU SITTING! GET THE FUCK UP!” Overall, it was amazing. I can’t believe I never saw them live before.

bcfromky wrote:

I was in 205. Hands down the best show I’ve ever seen. I’m not a huge fan of arenas but Bridgestone was perfect last night. The sound was amazing! I’ve seen shows in Rupp Arena in Lexington and the YUM Center in Louisville. Neither compared to the show in Bridgestone. No Quarter was on point! I recorded several songs on my cell and they’re really good quality! These guys know how to put on a show.

  • Jimmy Intense

    Sound like a bunch of Tool’s to me. I cannot give praise to a by-the-numbers cash grab no matter how much weed gets smoked.

    • Toad Wallop

      No matter what they do the for rest of their lives, Aenima will still be one of the best albums ever. Same with GNR. Their $2,500 VIP, no M&G, is total shit, and unless Adler and Izzy are involved, the whole thing kind of sucks…but, no amount of suck and dick-headery could ever taint “Appetite”, IMO. You guys are free to hate away on both bands, that’s cool by me, but those 2 albums are amazing, regardless of all the BS that these bands have succumb to.

      • Felonious Punk

        I think most everyone agrees that Tool and Guns 1986-1996 were awesome. It’s what came after 1996 and continues to this day that can eat a big bag of salted d’s..

  • Corndog

    Now we just need to find a bag big enough to Fit Tool into…..

    • Felonious Punk

      You can probably pick them up at Tool’s merch table at their shows, and before the regular fans if you’re a $500 VIP member

  • Geordy Daws

    Had no trouble taking I-40 from Knoxville 3 hours away but friends that lived only 30min away had to bail because they couldn’t get out of their neighborhoods. Maynard actually said: “Although snow can be beautiful at times it can also suck a big bag of salty dicks so be careful on your way home. It’s science, you can’t argue with science. Thank you very much for coming out.”