Maynard James Keenan discussed balancing his three bands (Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer) with his winemaking business in a new interview with RipItUp, “Well with the wine – it’s attached – it’s basically part of my house. And it’s just my wife and I that work it. We have a neighbor friend of ours that cleans up after me, but for the most part, the wine making, the cellar work… it’s close to home, so when I am working on any kind of music in terms of writing and recording, especially with Puscifer it’s right here… and then I pop over to LA and pop into a studio or a friends space over there: it’s easy to keep your head straight in that respect. When it comes to writing with Tool and A Perfect Circle it’s a whole different process and, uh, that requires a whole different set of patience.”

  • overfloater

    That’s great for you Maynard, and the three Pucifer fans out there, but god, its time for new Tool!! I appreciate you dropping back into aus for another tour but this is now third time on the 10,000 days material without a lot of change to the set. I think you have milked this cow dry…

  • bv

    Balancing? He´s just not doing a couple of his projects at the moment.

  • aaron

    What I want to know is how Magic Mike balances being a tool and being a guy who lives in his mom’s basement. Must be a great multi-tasker.

  • Chadimus

    jeez dude why be such a dick to brett?

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    the people wants more Tool and A Perfect Circle, less Puscifer and wine…

  • Jeff
  • Christine

    The only thing that could be more awesome is if Maynard and Trent collaborated, on A N Y T H I N G . It could be a bowl of oatmeal, a mind blowing bowl of oatmeal that is.

    I luvs me this man.

  • Deviate


    One word.. Tapeworm

    It didn’t work out. And I don’t believe they actually really got along too well from some of the things I’ve heard about that project.

    The only Tapeworm song you’ll ever hear is what eventually became APC’s “Passive”.