Matt Sorum Talks GNR Tour Almost Killing Band, Caviar & Vodka Inspiring “November Rain”

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum discussed the Use Your Illusion records in a Spitfire interview.

“We just stayed out on the road forever, which eventually, practically killed us all (laughs), but it had a lot of legs as they say in the music business.”

He also remembered coming up with the drum parts for “November Rain” with Axl Rose. “Me and Axl were over there on the floor, we ordered some Russian caviar, we had a bottle of vodka. We sat here, me and Axl late at night, and we listened to Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John. He was a big Elton fan, he loves Elton. We’re eating the caviar, and drinking shots of vodka, and this big epic tom fill comes by. Axl goes, ‘I want you to do that, something like that, on November Rain.'” Axl told Sorum he wanted him to use it again in “Don’t Cry” and “Estranged” as part of the ‘trilogy.’

  • Jimmy Intense

    From reading the quote, I would say Elton was more the inspiration than the vodka or caviar…

  • Felonious Punk

    Remember that time at the 1992 Mtv VMAs when Axl and Elton performed that saccharine duet together, after Nirvana came on and brought the place down with the “Rape Me” tease and “Lithium”? Made Axl look like a washed-up goof on his way out of the limelight. Then Cobain spit on Elton’s piano, thinking it was Axl’s. That was the same night Krist caught his bass guitar with his face and Kurt and Courtney trolled Axl backstage, further humiliating him.

    Best VMAs ever, thanks to Kurt and Nirvana.

    • Corndog

      I remember watching that on TV! Think i was about 14 at the time. Back when MTV was something more than shit fucking reality shows and people actually watched their awards shows.

  • Mike

    That’s a disgusting combination