Mark Tremonti: ‘Another Creed Album Right Now Would Be Overkill’

Mark Tremonti recently told Billboard that while Scott Stapp seems eager to record a new Creed album, he is simply too busy right now with musical projects to make it happen anytime soon.

“I don’t want to confuse anybody. I just know I’m so busy right now with so much stuff coming out, the next year, year-and-a-half would be very difficult for me,” he says. “Not that I want to or not want to do anything; it would just have to be the right time.”

He reeled off a list of reasons why his time is presently spoken for: “I’ve got a record that just came out [his second solo album, Cauterize], a record that’s going to come out in the spring [third solo album Dust] and an Alter Bridge record to write and release next year.” He also notes that Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy has a solo record on deck and will be writing a new album with his other side project (Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators) in 2016.

Tremonti feels the Creed retrospective would be better suited for a 2017 release since it would mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s six-times platinum debut album, My Own Prison. “The world doesn’t need any more music out of this camp for the next few years after this year,” he says with a laugh. “So another Creed album would just be overkill.”

  • Eddie Yarler

    I would honestly prefer this outlook and get something in the vein of the first three Creed albums, than get Alter Bridge featuring Scott Stapp again with full circle. Can’t wait for Mark’s new albums.

  • Raj

    Tremonti is the biggest loser of all time, once saying Stapp was a better singer than Vedder. Tremonti doesn’t care about Stapp or Creed, he’s just focused on Alter Bridge.

    • — J —

      The bass player said that, not Tremonti.

      • Raj

        Doesn’t matter, Creed is garbage, the bass player was also dead wrong.

    • Me

      because some dipshit named “Raj” said so. what have YOU done that others would consider noteworthy?

      • Raj

        Resorting to name calling, how immature.
        Creed has never done anything noteworthy, they are just a footnote in musical history. Now stfu b4 i slap the mcshit out of you!

  • Dana Pellerin

    Holy crap, that picture is hilarious. It’s going to haunt those guys forever. Anyway, there’s no reason for Tremonti to do any more Creed whatsoever. Stapp killed that band with his craziness. Their reputation is forever thrashed. On the other hand AB and Tremonti’s solo project are kicking ass. I say good riddance to Creed, it was nice while it lasted, and am looking forward to the next Tremonti solo album.

  • Unglued

    Keep your daytime job, Mark Tremonti. Nobody on this beautiful planet would ever pay to see a Creed reunion.