Mark McGrath On Scott Weiland: ‘He Was A Shell Of His Former Self’

Lead singer of Sugar Ray and Mark McGrath recalled his final meeting with Scott Weiland in new audio obtained by TMZ. The audio is an interview clip and a preview of an upcoming episode of Theo Von and Matt Weiss’ Allegedly podcast.

“We had a few drinks,” McGrath recalls. “He was just a little slow … almost psychological more than it even was like booze or something. It was strange. He just was kind of a shell of himself, like Mary said really well in her letter.”

McGrath continued

“But still a nice guy,” he added. “He got up and performed, he did a couple STP songs and a cover song and knocked everybody’s socks off. The voice never left him.”

You can download the full episode here on December 15. You can also listen to the full McGrath audio below:

  • Felonious Punk

    All these people that knew he was ailing, and yet nobody reached out to try and stop it..

    • Bilbo

      He kept anyone that could help him away and surrounded himself with hangers on and yes men. In the end there was nothing anyone could do. Up to the last minute he was in denial saying he was clean. When anyone would point out something wrong he would call them haters…

    • Jimmy Intense

      Addicts can only truly help themselves. Scott’s troubles with addiction are well documented so why make such an ignorant statement?

    • Raj

      Everyone has tried to help Scott, just like everyone tried to help Kurt and Layne. They can only do so much but it is up to that person to get better and make better choices in their lives. Sadly, they didn’t and they paid the ultimate price. Kurt’s family and friends had an intervention, he went then escaped to kill himself. Scott’s gone to multiple rehabs but never really came out of it. Layne’s bandmates yelled at Layne outside his door but he refused to come out and slowly killed himself.

      • dakotablue

        But rehab mainly addresses the mechanics of addiction and not the underlying mental disease that makes some people seek oblivion. The drugs or drink are just the methods used to escape the self. WHY the person does not like his/her normal self must be fixed to stop the addiction.
        RIP Layne, Kurt and now Scott. And all the others (Phil Lynott, Billie Holiday, Jimi, the list goes on and on). So talented, so sad.

        • Cowgirl

          And the longer an addiction goes on, the more damage that is done to the frontal lobe of the brain which controls compulsive behavior. Along with the underlying mental disease that made someone want to use in the first place, the brain literally makes it harder to make other choices than using. Obviously, recovery can still happen, but it must be such a tough battle.

          • Ann Anderson

            Scott also had a pretty severe form of bipolar disorder which made things much worse for him. He was finally consistently taking prescription medication for it but also regularly mixing it with alcohol. According to his wife he was really doing well but when Jeremy Brown, his best friend and solo band guitarist died of an overdose 10 months ago, Scott just never recovered and buried his grief in a toxic mix of alcohol and drugs. His wife was not aware of the drugs and Scott was deep in denial of all of it. Such a shame and preventable tragedy.He should have been in a treatment facility and not out on the road. His ex-wife would have understood putting child support on hold if he was taking responsibility for his health.

        • Raj

          Yeah, that makes sense, I think Layne, Kurt and Scott all needed a lot of therapy to face their childhood abandonment issues and the lack of father figure role in their lives.


      Richard Patrick (an ex-addict himself) talked a few times recently about the dangers of Scott Weiland’s lifestyle, and Scott just told him to go fuck himself and to mind his own business.

      I’m sure both STP and VR would have liked that Scott had quit all his bad habits many years ago so they could have kept touring and recording/releasing new stuff and making tons of money, but Scott probably never listened to anybody, he said that he was clean but you can’t really be clean when you keep drinking and who knows what else did he still use, you can’t swap heroine for cocaine or booze, if you have been using all that shit (hard drugs, alcohol, cigarrettes, etc) for so many years it’s normal that you finish with some serious health problems down the road, he knew that because everybody knows that, his brother’s death was caused by “heart complications caused by years of drugs abuse”, so I wonder how could anyone stop him when he was the first that should have been worried enough about his own health to stop himself many many years ago.

      • Ann Anderson

        You are absolutely right. While his drug relapse affecting his performances was the end of the road for his VR bandmates, he was also a pain in the ass to work with and “not a team player”(as Slash put it)

        • Ann Anderson

          Both STP and VR band members worked very hard to try to help Scott with his drug and alcohol abuse for the band’s sake but they also cared on a deeply personal level as well. Scott felt the most support from the VR guys as each of them had been hard core addicts and understood the disease well. Scott did manage to stay off heroin and was still taking the craving blocker medication. But he was a major alcoholic. The cocaine was likely used to combat the depressant action of the alcohol but he hid the use from everyone but Tommy Black. Scott had been a chain smoker for many years so his lung and cardiovascular functions were certainly affected. And his years of hard drug use didn’t help matters either. In the end no one could help Scott because he wasn’t willing to help himself. And his bipolar disorder was a part of that.

  • Lucky Neko

    He seemed suicidal. Unfortunately, suicidal people are like determined assasins to their own selves, it’s so difficult to stop them because it’s willful, and sometimes you can only do so much.

    • dawgie

      We don’t know what happened really. Scott and Jamie claimed Scott was clean before his death. If he was on some medications for bipolar disorder, many of those medications are also used to treat schizophrenia (not saying Scott was schizo). Many of of those medications are in a certain class of drugs that have devastating consequences in both the short term and long term. In the short term, memory and even IQ losses can result. People on those medications often end up acting like zombies. In the long term, many of those medications have irreversible Parkinsonian-like effects. IMO, the side effects of some of those medications are far worse than the disease they’re meant to treat. Food for thought…

      • Billy

        yeah, the more we learn about the diff meds he was on, it does make a bit more sense why it seems like he was always on a delay when talking. That being said, the booze and drugs on top of it would have had all sorts of side effects. Let’s be clear about his sobriety tho. The guy was not clean and sober. He was still clearly drinking booze regularly and i can’t suspend my belief that even though Jeremy Od’ed, Tommy was arrested for possession, that Scott made this pact and stuck to it that he was drug free. A guy as fragile as he was would not be able to be surrounded by that night in and night out and be strong.
        Sure, for the brief times Jamie would come out, he would stay clean, when i had substance abuse issues when i was younger, it wasn’t always hard to lie and hide things from people. With Scott being out on the road, he knew he only had to behave for short periods of time.

        Let’s hope he didn’t have any drugs in his system when they do the autopsy.

      • dakotablue

        A few years ago Scott said he initially was on the wrong meds (or the wrong dose or mix–can’t remember) for bi-polar disorder and that screwed him up. He quit taking them. Then I think he got it right?

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    1990s music forever!!!!
    Never forget it.

  • Raj

    Mark McGrath, thanks captain obvious.

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