Mark Lanegan To Release New Album “No Bells On Sunday” This August

Mark Lanegan is set to release his new album No Bells on Sunday on August 25, 2014 via Heavenly Recordings. Although no official press release has been made by Heavenly yet, pre-orders advertising a 12″ EP by the Mark Lanegan Band have been appearing around the web, as well as rumors of an upcoming album coming this fall.

Lanegan recently performed two new tracks, “Judgement Time” and “I Am The Wolf,” at London’s Meltdown Festival. He also made a guest appearance with Queens of the Stone Age bandmates Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen at the festival, performing “Hangin’ Tree” and “One Hundred Days.”

UPDATE: This article previously included YouTube footage from the Meltdown Festival of Lanegan performing his new song “I Am The Wolf” with collaborator Duke Garwood, as well as his performance of “Hangin’ Tree” with Homme and Van Leeuwen. The videos have since been taken down, but will keep you updated on any future Lanegan news.

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