There’s a lengthy new article on The Quietus where Mark Lanegan names his favorite 13 albums.  I recommend fans read the full article.

The Gun Club Miami

Joy Division Closer

Roxy Music Country Life (said Gary Lee Connor of the Screaming Trees turned him onto this)

The Bee Gees Trafalgar (Mike Johnson of Dinosaur Jr. turned him onto this)

The Flesh Eaters A Moment To Pray, A Second To Die

Fabrizio de Andre Canzoni

Kraftwerk Radioactivity

John Renbourn Faro Annie

The Leather Nun Force Of Habit

John Cale Paris 1919

Crime And The City Solution Shine

The New Christs Distemper

New Order Low Life

  • constantine

    The Gun Club! I love them so much too 😀

  • Aaron

    Surprised to see Lanegan likes so much synthesizer/new wave music. (Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Roxy Music and New Order)

  • A

    ^ That surprised me as well…

  • Guy

    I’m glad about The Gun Club as well.

  • Rikki

    John Cale!!!

  • greatjupiter

    Lanegan doesn’t like mainstream. Interesting taste, but I read something a few years ago about his fave albums and he had ACDC and Motorhead on the list. Maybe the list changes over the years.

    He’s had a connection to Gun Club. He’s collaborated with Jeffrey lee Pierce co writing Kimiko’s Dream House on Field Songs.

  • Superunknown

    “Queens of the Stone Age, who I think are the greatest rock band in the world”

    It’s got to be constantly changing

  • Grungy

    The The Bee Gees Trafalgar is there most depressing album, is just what Mark used for his new album. The lyrics are very haunting. Most musicians like Mark change from day to day and can love then hate something in an instant.

  • Willie

    I read that he became quite good friends with Jeffrey Lee Pierce, he also did a very sombre cover of The Gun Club’s Carry Home on his I’ll Take Care Of You covers album. The electro thing isn’t surprising given what I’ve heard from his latest album, and even some of The Gutter Twins stuff…

  • bassculture

    the man has obviously good taste and he commented his choice with real passion
    . great if he changes his mind too – more good recommendations to come