Anthony Bourdain, the former host of No Reservations on the Travel Channel, is launching a new show on CNN and the theme song will is being written by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan.

  • Christine

    I don’t have television and have no interest in such a show but I would VERY MUCH Like the option to download a Homme / Lanegan collaboration. I hope it becomes available for download somewhere, maybe at the QofSA site?

    I’m sure will let us know…. 😉

  • Kristin

    Oh awesome. I just saw the episode of No Reservations where he goes to the desert and hangs out with Josh, and Josh played all the cool music in the background.

  • Lee

    Why Oh Why have these two never collaborated to sing together in QOTSA is anyone’s guess, I mean Mark did “God is in the Radio” and Hangin Tree as lead vocalist and we all know how awesome Josh’s voice is when he does lead but someone tell me why they never sang lead together I will never know.
    None the less a “Collaboration” is always good between these two old friends….and so I will look forward to hearing this material written by Mark & Josh, but I do hope that they sing on it together as well, and I dont wanna hear just background music. I would really love to hear them LEAD together, same time, same place etc etc that would be so AWESOME!

  • Mesa works

    Christine, I dont watch TV either but I did on Xmas eve in the UK and there was an Anthony Bourdain travel show featuring Josh Homme in the desert and he takes Anthony Bourdain on a tour of life, food and music in his environment and I gotta say I was very glad & impressed that I chose that day to be alternative!

  • Jcon


    They both sing the chorus of “Song for the Deaf”. Also you can hear both their voices together on “In the Fade” and “Hanging Tree”

  • Rachel

    I shall die! Homme, Lanegan, Bourdain. Is the show some sort of goddamn sexy, food related rock and roll frolick from beginning to end. In my head its already happening.

  • Jay

    In my head, it’s all brand new.

  • Rachel

    Bourdain just confirmed it on Twitter: