Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood are set to release the first single, ‘Cold Molly,’ from their upcoming collaboration album Black Pudding on April 20, or Record Store Day. The new single will be released as 10″ vinyl pressings and the release will be limited to 300 copies. The single will also feature two remixes, one from Lanegan collaborators Soulsavers and the other from Roman Remains. The Roman Remains remix of ‘Cold Molly’ can currently be heard on Paste Magazine.

The single will be distributed through British record label Heavenly Recordings. Although the website for the UK’s Record Store Day lists the release, the website for the USA’s Record Store Day does not. It is unclear whether or not the single will be released in North America or the rest of Europe, but it might be unlikely due to the limited number of copies and the release from a British record label. For the single to be sold in the United States, American label Ipecac Recordings would most likely lead the distribution, but it is unknown at this time whether or not they are involved.

Nevertheless, ‘Cold Molly’ is set for release in the UK on April 20, while Black Pudding, the collaboration album from Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood, is set for release on May 14.

  • Mark

    The entire album leaked already.

  • CoCo

    ? so one would need a record player- a thing with the needle- to listen to this single? am i missing something? who has those anymore? it’d be of no use to me- i wouldn’t be able to listen to a vinyl, i’d just be looking at it ????

  • Mia


    Thanks for the tip. Listened to the album, it’s a beautiful, serene album. Sort of like a muted blues, really pretty.

  • Cath

    @coco – are you serious?!!