In a recent interview with CBS Seattle, Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm discussed his band’s upcoming new album, “I play guitar on four songs out of the ten. I really like being able to hop around and not play guitar…but I also like playing guitar. Initially Steve [Turner] kinda insisted that I play guitar when I was in a band with him before Green River; We both played guitar in that band [Mr. Epp and The Calculations], and I think he wanted to tether me down a little bit. Still though, in the early days of Mudhoney, we’d go flailing into the crowd with our guitars, but after a while you stop doing that ’cause it hurts.”

  • Spoonman

    i wanna see these guys live so bad, play LA!!!

  • Brett Buchanan

    I remember in July 2006 they played a show here with the Melvins but it was the same night I was seeing Pearl Jam for the first time.

  • Spoonman

    thats a true conflict right there! cant go wrong either way. Mudhoney live performances have to be filled with so much energy! it would be a blast to see them, especially in a small venue.

  • Christine

    FYI if anyone missed this (I think it’s referenced in a previous grungereport dot net article):

    http : // www . subpop . com / channel / blog / new_music_from_mudhoney

  • Ben

    They played Newcastle just over 2 years ago in a pretty small venue, it was absolutely amazing. Suffice to say, with them playing Newcastle again this June, I’m gonna witness the amazing once again!

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    I saw them around 2006 also- that was a good show. Mark almost goes into a trance on stage. You can’t tell if he’s staring at you or looking past you.

  • Search and Destroy

    Really looking forward to the new album..hope they play more Shows in the states this time around,.

  • Dan

    Saw these guys in Boston in 2008 and they rocked. Looking forward to hearing the new album.

  • Justin

    Mudhoney is still incredibly tight live, because they need to earn a living! They put my perennial favourites Pearl Jam to shame last time I saw them play together even though Pearl Jam have a way better catalogue. I am totally stoked to grab Vanishing Point. Their last three discs and EGBDF/Self Titled are their best in my opinion.