Marilyn Manson Says Billy Corgan’s Relationship Advice Started Feud

Marilyn Manson discussed his feud with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan coming to an end recently in an interview with Esquire.

“It was funny, because I ran into Billy [Corgan], and a lot of people think there was some kind of falling out. It was mostly that he wrote a strongly worded letter about how Rose McGowan would ruin my life and ruin my career if I stayed with her, which was good advice, and he wrote it as a letter, which is very polite. There is sort of a guy code that I abide by where he totally offered his advice, and he was genuinely just looking out for my best interests. I hadn’t seen him in 15 years. I had forgotten how close we were, having not seen him in so long. He’s the one who taught me how to play guitar, so if it sucks or it’s good, it’s his fault.”

In a recent interview with Noisey, Marilyn Manson made claim to have had coined the term grunge during a review he wrote for Nirvana’s debut studio album Bleach:

“I hated rock n’ roll when I started. It was on the cusp of grunge and a lot of bands that I used to call “commonist rock” because everyone wanted to be like the common man with the flannel shirts and Pearl Jam and their fight against Ticketmaster and all this horse shit.”

Manson continued:

“Nirvana was different. That was one of the bands I covered first as a journalist and I’m just going to go ahead and say I coined the term ‘grunge’ in a review of Bleach. You’re welcome.”

  • Lust

    The journalistic bar here is lowering…

    • Corndog

      I find the whole attempt to force Frances Bean Cobain down our throats as some some of celebrity totally bizarre. She is a non entity. Her parents were famous. She is only know because of that. To the best of my knowledge she is not in a band so i have no clue why she keeps getting reported on here, a music website. Pretty sure stalking family members of celebrities is illegal in most countries:)

      • Lust

        As Brett said it’s because it gets hits, he’s doing it to keep the site running. I understand that, but if this sort of news is gonna dominate this site i’m not going to visit it anymore. It’s becoming a rock star gossip glossy magazine with this sort of crap, better no news than “he said she said” “read all about it at the barbershop” shit, it’s what grandma’s like to read.

        • Corndog

          Can’t they just plaster the left and right hand side of the page with adverts to gain revenue like most sites seem to do?
          Sorry, the internet is like magic to me. I have no idea how any of this works to be honest, and i work in IT…..
          How exactly does someone clicking on one of the articles help keep the site running? I don’t see any advertising (unless it’s being blocked here in work) so i’m not sure how that works.
          Sadly i have reached that stage in life where i just don’t get technology. I still have a VCR and a CRT TV for christ sake:)

          • Lust

            I still don’t have and never want a mobile phone. But i’m living a modern life of “gadgets” and technology though.

          • Corndog

            Why do you not want a mobile then?

          • Lust

            I don’t like phones, they interupt, don’t like being forced to communicate. And the privacy issue. i do have a tablet without phone function though.

          • Corndog

            I have a phone but no one forces me to communicate. I rarely answer it when it rings and I reply to texts if and when I feel like it. I’m also not on any social media sites whatsoever so don’t get bothered by those. If anyone complains I politely remind them that I have a phone for my convenience, not theirs!

          • Lust

            lol that’s the good attitude, but i still don’t want one ;p

        • jcal7

          Someone pointed out Brett’s low reviews for bands recent albums getting low ratings that he doesn’t really like where these bands really are and there is something in that. Wouldnt argue with that even if I would disagree. I think there just are not the releases at the moment that he is into. That can be said of a lot of people here. But it depends on what you like today really. …like clockwerk, reflektor & trouble will find me are recent classics, give them some spotlight

          • Lust

            I understand what you are saying but i was talking more about the quality of the news he brings, it’s becoming less about music and more about gossip/glossy magazine bull. Just like paparazzi they find/create/edit crap if there really isnt any news, just to keep the “news” running so they can sell and keep their job/biz alive.
            Can you post links to the music you are referring to?

  • Chris Salazar

    “Marilyn Manson says BIlly Corgan’s relationship advice started feud.”

    Nowhere does it say there was a feud… He said people thought there might have been a falling out and explained why.. What a misleading headline..
    TMZ.. sure we expect that.. but the once awesome This is embarrassing..

    You say you do this for the hits? So you do it for the money?
    But then clown other bands who do “cash-grabs?”

    • Chris J.

      Grungereport was NOT “once awesome”… Lol. Same ol same ol…

      It is the only place that covers “grunge” type bands daily tho, so at least we see some news on these guys, because they aren’t on the radio anymore, that’s for sure.

  • bluedogx84 .

    Billy Corgan is a hanging penis. He sucks. His voice sucks. His music sucks. What a dickhead and a half. He is also a POS for sleeping with Courrtney “the murderer” love. Fuck you Brett.