Live front man Ed Kowalczyk was recently interviewed by Audio Ink Radio and had this to say about Chris Cornell:

Several ‘90s frontmen are doing the solo thing lately, including Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, to name a few.

Yeah, I saw Chris’ songbook tour last year in Los Angeles and loved it. There comes a cycle where it makes sense and the fan base is ready for that kind of experience in the life of a songwriter. You mentioned all of those artists and myself in there, and with all of us, we have so many songs that people identify with and know, and to be able to experience those in such a stripped-down, intimate way after 10 or 15 years seems like the thing to do. People are ready to sit down in a theater and really soak that in. There seems to be space for it at some point in a career, and my fans love it. Source


  • whisky

    Ed’s an amazing vocalist, but he was a massive dick to his bandmates.

  • Chris

    Dude I think Ed left live like a couple years ago already. They have a new singer now don’t they? He got a big ass ego and wanted a lead singer bonus at one of their festival shows? What an ass ed kowalcyzk’s solo career sucks too

  • Chris

    A lead singer bonus if 1 million dollars might I add and yeah total dick to his band mates

  • TK


    Glad to see you re-used my pic of Cornell from when I met him at the in-store in Jersey.

    Live – loved these guys back in the day. This site should add them to the list of bands to cover.


  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    Personally I would love to see Live (among a long list of other bands and artists covered) I will suggest it to Brett. However, keep in mind that who gets covered is really up to him.

  • Patrick

    The guy is a total douche but he is right on the money with his response.

  • ShaneC

    Ed is a great singer.

    But, he’s done.

  • Edward R. Murrow

    This has nothing to do with Cornell.

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    How does it not have anything to do with Cornell when Cornell is being discussed?

    Stop trolling and trying to look cool. You are hardly acting like your name sake.

  • 10

    He left +Live+ for the same reason Cornell left Audioslave. When you write all the lyrics and some of the music too, you deserve more than 1/4 of the money.

  • Jerry Krist Cantrell

    Live’s music was getting more and more dreadful and boring.

    He’s a total DB. Live is done. Ed is done.

    Ed is a delusional, arrogant bald headed has-been.

  • trkbk8

    Live has a new singer. Chris Thorne. He was replacement singer in Blind Melon. I rather liked the Gracious Few side project with false grunge god Kevin Martin of all people.

  • Shadow on the sun

    Chris Shinn is the new live singer. He was in unified theory with some of melon. He was asked to replace Travis when he left melon but couldn’t get rehearsed in time to tour. Travis now back with melon

  • Jetro

    Ed is a one trick pony. His solo material, like much of Live’s last few efforts with him, is mediocre at best.

  • MJM

    Live is mediocre? So you are telling me Lightning Crashes, All Over You, I Alone, Dolphin’s Cry…those are mediocre songs?

    Surely you jest.

  • Raj

    Chris Cornell solo is pretty good, didn’t care for the Timbaland collaboration. This is really not surprising, Cornell went solo for a while, Eddie Vedder has done solo stuff on and off, Cantrell has done two solo albums. This was something Kurt Cobain wanted to do as well.

  • Megamania

    Live were great for quite a while, but had the dreaded, and often typical, fall-off after the 90s. Not all the songs were bad, but the deeper cuts weren’t quite as solid. I’m shocked the band’s continuing without Ed. His voice is a big part of what made the band unique, and he wrote the lyrics.

  • Juancho

    Chris shinn is in Everything is Energy too, they have an amazing album self titled.

  • mandingo

    I didnt know any of this shit about ed ! He always seemed like a good guy , I dont believe that writing lyrics and melodies entittles you to any more money than the rest of the band ! A true artist would be in it for the music and more than willing to share equally with his bandmates ! As far as i know eddie vedder shares equally with the rest of pearl jam and thats how it should be . Didnt know live was still going either , do they have a new record out ?

  • 10

    It’s about the music, but being a musician IS a job. Ed & Chad Taylor would spend countless hours together writing all the songs, yet they shared the writing credits with the rest of the band who didn’t put forth any extra work. It’s only fair that these two would get a little more of the share since they put in more time & effort.

  • The Whiny Hipster

    Wasn’t Live labeled “Christian Rock” at one point? Or did I take one too many bong hits, and just imagine that? Anyway, if that was their label, I never understood it. Those guys used to kick ass!

  • Shadow on the Sun

    There is nothing cryptic about the religious tone of Live’s lyrics, despite of that (im not religious) their first 4 albums were great. I hope Shinn breathes some new life into them


    This problem with lead singers and their bands never seems to go away, its a time honored tradition that singers / frontmen like Ed and Chris Cornell and now Scott Weiland have all shared. WE ALL LOVED LIVE, AUDIOSLAVE AND STONE TEMPLE PILOTS but if these rock bands didnt find any success in their later years , its probably because the main songwriters didnt have any more inspiration being stuck in those same bands you know what I mean?? I say ED KOWALCZYK, CHRIS CORNELL AND SCOTT WEILAND all start a new grunge supergroup called GRUDGE, with guitars from MIKE MCCREADY of Pearl Jam, bass from KRIST NOVOSELIC of Nirvana, and drums by JIMMY CHAMBERLAIN of the Smashing Pumpkins.

    CHRIS CORNELL ( Lead Vocals, Guitar )
    SCOTT WEILAND ( Second Vocals )
    ED KOWALCZYK ( Third Vocals, Guitar )
    MIKE MCCREADY ( Lead Guitar )

    Album: Snakedriver
    Studio: Epic Records
    Producer: Brendan O Brien

    🙂 hows that for something new in 2013?

  • Shoegazer

    Sure, more bands need 3 singers.

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