• BillyL

    Good song. The chorus has got a QOTSA feel to it.

  • Errol

    Arlandria is out too. My fav from the 4 tracks out so far.

  • Andrei

    This rocks so fucking hard!!!

  • mc

    Boring and generic…just like “Rope”.

  • Vinny

    Mp3 link?

  • zobilamouche

    the album should leek soon now, it will probably be streamed next week, soon soon soon!!!

  • Tastes Grungey

    I dig it. I have a feeling this might be my favorite Foo album since The Colour and the Shape.

  • Craigory52

    I agree with Tastes Grungey. This will be their best album since The Colour and the Shape and their self-titled.

  • Vinny

    If you don’t like this then there’s something wrong with you! This is the best foo fighters song ever!!!!

  • mc


    There is hundred of songs like Rope and Burning Bridge in past decade, so these two songs are boring and generic.Burning Bridge is quite forgetable.
    I like Arlandria & White Limo.

  • zobilamouche


    Wednesday, April 6th on http://www.foofighters.com

    Keep checking @foofighters and facebook.com/foofighters for details.

  • Andrei

    It’ll be leaked by then anyway.

  • ben