Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland was on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show last week and he sounded incredibly lucid. In many of Scott’s 2008-2010 interviews he stuttered constantly and can barely put a sentence together at some points, but he sounds completely normal here and talks very naturally and has a good sense of humor during this interview.  Good news for fans of Scott. CLICK HERE to listen to the interview, it starts 28:48 in. He opens it by saying he’s having, “coffee and cigarettes, a breakfast for champions.”

During the interview he said he changes some names in his book because he didn’t want to come off like he was name dropping to paint the picture of having some grandiose life. When talking about his relationship with his ex-wife Mary he said, “We talk about our love lives, and my minimal love life.”

The interviewer said that while he didn’t intend to disrespect Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots are meant to play together and there is a natural chemistry there that was there in the 90’s and is still there now. Scott said he agrees that STP are destined to be together.

Scott said alcohol is his next obstacle to get rid of. He says while he can drink and not be tempted to do drugs, that doesn’t mean his drinking is a good thing.

  • sol

    that link doesn’t work =(

  • Scottieslittlesoftie

    WOW! Scott sounded great!!! I hope that he keeps it together – I’ve been fortunate enough to meet him a few times and he was always great… I hope that he continues on this journey and beats the bottle once and for all!! Good luck Scott!