• Paul Kneitz

    Pretty good. Better than Been Away Too Long.

  • Scott McLean

    Is this on the radio yet?

  • Yvo

    Nice song ,, intro little like live to rise ,, but fuck it yeah new Soundgarden!!

  • Rick

    VERY cool….I dig it

  • Alex

    I want that flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jt

    Overall I like the song, but they should haven’t given Chris some time to rest his voice for the recordings.

    I find Kim’s guitar to be a little low too.

  • not4you

    oh cmon, since when everyone is a freakin music analyst?? give a rest to his voice??? where da fa his voice sounds tired? theyve been recording for 1.5 year or so, you think hes been singing all this time??? and kim’s guitar…low?! bleuh

  • dolan

    Yeah this is it. Way better than the single.

  • Robert

    Very good song.

  • Rick

    I happen to be critical of my favorite bands. You know, you want each album to be better or live up to the prior one. I want this record to be good SO bad. Soundgarden has been my favorite band since their inception….and from what I’ve heard, I think we are in for a treat.
    But youre right…why analyze the production side? And criticize Chris’s voice? Chris does not sing like he did in 1993….lets establish that and get past it. The song is definitely cool…it sounds like SG…which is all I ask for from King Animal. Sound like Soundgarden!

  • Old MR

    meh, it’s pretty terrible. King Animal is not going to live up to the hype.

  • Kirill

    I fucking loved it, loved the pace of it and guitar work. Not sure why ppl complaint about singing I think Chris’s done what he was ought to. 5 out of 5

  • Crazies

    great tune!

  • spifftastic sex

    That sounded like shit. Boring. Repetitive. All three songs belong on the radio because they’re weak

  • Nick

    I have not gotten a chance to listen to this yet, but from the comments I am a little worried. Usually with a new song people jump on it as being amazing at first and than the later comments begin to show the true color of the song. I get the gist from the comments that this song is nothing special, the same as been away for to long and live to rise or whatever the name of that song was. Being a huge soundgarden fan since the BMF days I am already worried that shit album is going to be very generic and mediocre. I don’t expect another Superunknown Badmotorfinger or Down on the Upside, but I do expect/want a good solid album and so far it seems as though so far all signs seem to point to that not being the case. I hope I am wrong though.

  • CagedTiger

    Haven’t listened yet, it’s better than ‘Applebite’ though yeah?? That’s the worst SG song in their catalogue and that was on a great album (DOTU) so don’t lose faith people.

  • Nick

    I didn’t mean to type that “shit” album, I don’t know why I typed that at all. I meant to type this “next” album.

  • james

    Bret,how about you get rid of the fuckin comments section so the people who want to read news about their favorite bands like SG can do so.Then the lame ass cocksuckers who are on here just to put on negative comments can stand by, wonder what to do,then can go pull themselves. Your site would be better off.

  • Nick

    Or James…just don’t read the comments section? Pretty simple. Nobody is forcing you to read it. Do you listen to Mariah Carey records on your own time? I assume no, because nobody is making you, so stop bitching about peoples opinions that don’t agree with what you believe and just read the articles and move on.

  • jon


  • CagedTiger

    Stating your opinion on a song makes you ‘a lame ass cocksucker’? Wow. I thought this comments section was for stating opinions and discussing the bands and songs covered here. I think the ‘lame ass cocksuckers’ are the ones who can’t handle a single negative comment about their favourite bands!

    I don’t even know if you were referring to me or not but whatever, it needed to be stated regardless. Don’t like the comments section, don’t read it… Simple.

  • Legend

    Better than LTR or BATL. Doesnt stick in my head though…

  • Louisa Leiser

    Haha, Mariah Carey? Go Nick! Seeing as how it says “Be nice, keep it clean, and stay on topic” directly above this comment box, I will simply say that I find this song just as entertaining as the comments on this page. Can’t wait for the album.

  • Superunknown

    I think a lot of what is bothering people is the way Chris is singing melodies. The music is there and Chris is singing great, his singing style is just more commercial sounding than old SG. This is a great song though.

  • david

    i am a big fan since the records of the 80´s, my opinion always been that SG has two discographys, one with old records that ends with the best record , badmotorfinger , and two the small discography that ends with the fracture of the band(superunknow y DOAT)and i always rather the first dyscography, more dark, powerfull, heavy, etc etc, my favorite record is BMF of course, all of this comes only to say that the new material is fuckin shit, this not sound like soundgarden even in 96, no fuckin way. sorry my english im spanish

  • Crazies

    Coin in every pocket
    More mouths to fill
    So weak in the land
    Strong in the will

    I’ll be your beast of burden
    I’ll be the seed

    I bring you the healer
    Feel your disease
    I bring dirty water
    And make it clean

    And you are the cure
    I am the drug

    And we settle for
    A little bit more than everything
    We’re not elected
    But we will speak

    We’re not the chosen
    But we believe
    And we settle for
    A little bit more than everything

    Bullets, guns and missiles
    A stone and a sling
    A motherless country
    Of thee I sing

    You are the tank and rockets
    I am the bomb

    I teach you a lesson
    Sword for a pen
    Reading turn the pages
    A history of man

    You are tabula rasa
    I am the book

    And we settle for
    A little bit more than everything
    We’re not elected
    But we will speak

    We’re not the chosen
    But we believe
    And we settle for
    A little bit more than everything!

    I’m a non-state actor
    I’m a non-state actor
    I’m a non-state

    I’m a non-state actor

    And we settle for
    A little bit more than everything
    We’re not elected
    But we will speak

    We’re not the chosen
    But we believe
    Yeah, and we settle for
    A little bit more than everything

    A little bit more!
    A little bit more!
    A little bit more!


  • kingchaz

    Not bad at all. Sounds like energy from “Louder Than Love.”

  • Andrei

    I really, really, REALLY want for KING ANIMAL to be the greatest rock record ever released but… that’s not going to happen with songs like this.

    Nothing memorable here. I don’t like it. I’m glad some of you do, but it does nothing for me.

  • Mia

    I like this pretty good. Sounds most reminiscent of Down on the Upside, which was their last one, so that makes sense. I can see why it wasn’t the single though, it strikes more as a song in the middle of an album and not a single. Sounds like Soundgarden, which is good to me. As for the person who said “Applebite” is Soundgarden’s worst song, it’s one of my favorites of theirs. It’s experimental and has a creepy vibe to it and I just love that line “grow and decay, it’s only forever”.

  • Deviate

    Can’t hear this one until I get home.

    I agree with Mia regarding the Applebite comment. It’s actually one of my favorite songs on DOTU as an album, as well as one of my favorites in their catalog as far as their slower/moodier songs are concerned. It was very different at first listen, but it grew on me extremely fast the more I listened to it.

  • John Boy

    Great music. Chris’s voice though… it ain’t what it used to be. I miss the the Ultramega OK voice.

  • SuperSG

    His Voice is bluesy and I love it. So what if he cant go 4th Octave as clearly anymore? Seriopusly, he is still the best singer on the planet. Cut a 49 Year old man some slack

  • SuperSG


  • Iso

    Get over the Chris’s voice comments already. Enough, christ almighty… Let’s see what YOU can do at his age dickness.

  • Brett Buchanan

    After 5-6 listens now, here’s how I currently rank the 3 new Soundgarden songs the public has heard.

    1. Live to Rise
    2. Non-State Actor
    3. Been Away Too Long

  • Brett Buchanan

    Still hard to say between BATL/Non-State Actor, but right now I definitely prefer Live to Rise.

  • kenmore

    Better than the first single/song. Just one other word here: Safe

    Hope the second side has more experimental sounding songs. I’m interested in some LSD type chicanery to be honest.

  • ShaneC

    This is better than BATL, but LTR is better than both, unfortunately.

  • John

    Oceania is still better.

  • Great Bear

    Really disappointed with this song, as well as I was with LTR and BATL. Sorry, I am a big SG fan, but every song I hear from them so far is disappointing. I understand the philosophy that they are a progressive band, but I really feel somewhere something is missing in SG’s 3 releases. I really feel like these are rock songs that won’t be remembered like their work from 1989-1996. This album will only be remembered in the long run as their comeback work. I haven’t heard the full album yet, so maybe I will be surprised, but a part of me is already starting to look forward to their next release. This is a really great band, with a great record, so I am not knocking the band, or the comeback, but this album may not be for me. Kind of like Pearl Jam’s self titled 2006 album, it just wasn’t for me. It also is an album that doesn’t sit in great fame. I am starting to feel that KA will be on those lines. Like I said, looking forward to their release after KA at this point, and my excitement for KA itself has dwindled. It can be that they lost their momentum by taking a break for so long. Sad to admit it, because I have been a fan since 1989 ( I was born in 1964 in Tacoma) so I have been with the grunge (I hate that word) scene since its early days. It can be that the band is in a rough spot, and I am totally rooting for them no matter how I feel about this album.

    GO SG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Up yours George W. Bush!!!! Go OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John D

    Cornell’s (audioslave ’05 sounding) screams destroy this song, and like a previous comment noted, he doesn’t sound rested. Fans can claim they’re going for an edgier sound out of his vocals, but I say that’s the best he can do because his voice is toast…..How can producers not mix it or make it sound better on the ears?! All these new songs are radio friendly and I’m disappointed. I really thought Cornell’s vocals were back to a respectable/listenable level, especially when I heard the live hq version of Beyond the Wheel a few yrs ago. I just hope the rest of the album is less radio friendly and maybe a little darker. I understand how they’ve progressed over time and sound a little different with each album, but this sound too much like modern bands and Cornell doesn’t stand out at all. I don’t know, just my two cents as a longtime fan…..hopefully the best is yet to come for the rest of the album.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    I didn’t find anything weak or safe about this. Kim riffs are killer and cornell’s multiple screams are awesome. Of course cameron has stood out the most for me on all of these songs so far.

    I agree with Brett’s listing of the full songs so far,even after several months LTR imo is a great track,i like it probably more now than when it came out. I guess i have realistic expectations and maybe that’s why i’m loving all of the new stuff.

    These guys are still making strong rock music in their mid 40’s and up which is still shitkicking pretty much anything else out there, that’s all any of us could have hoped for.

  • Craigory52

    Pretty good tune. Unlike others, out of their 3 new songs we’ve heard I like Been Away Too Long the most. Non-state Actor reminds me a lot of Live to Rise only a little more rockin. It lacks the acoustics of Live To Rise in favor for more electric guitar. So far I like Live to Rise more than this one though. But it’s By Crooked Steps that I want to hear. I think it will be better than all three.

  • Craigory52

    As for Chris’s vocals, you can’t expect him to sound like he did on albums from their previous albums or even Audioslave’s first album. He’s older now and singers vocals change over time. I don’t know if we will hear a higher pitched vocal range like he’s done years and years ago but I could be wrong. Either way, he’s still sounding good.

  • jon


  • Spoonman

    anyone rip this yet? mp3 would be key

  • Hugo

    The guitar intro sounds like Tool(schism) it’s different butvery similar

  • unfortunateSG

    Guys, I’ve been a hardcore SG fan my whole life. This song is awful, just admit it. I don’t see how anyone on this board can honestly say that any of these new SG songs are anything but horrendous. The riffs are tired, nothing about these recordings is innovative or exciting in the slightest.

    I also think Chris Cornell is the greatest rock singer alive, and may be the best of all time. But again, let’s be honest, his voice really doesn’t sound very good on these new tracks. It sounds strained, over the past decade he’s been a hit or miss singer. I’ve seen him live many times, during some tours he sounds incredible, and sometimes he sounds like crap. I happen to think he’s going through one of those rough patches with his voice, cause these new songs are complete trash. Uninspired, and seriously just quite boring. We should demand and expect more of our favorite bands and not settle for this crap. It’s okay to speak your mind and come out and tell other fans what you really think. I respect that other fans may like this new material, but I don’t really see how that’s possible.

  • SG = Let Down

    Take them off the burner, these guys are done!!

  • Gravedancer

    There is something about the production of the two King Animal songs we’ve heard so far that I just don’t like. The guitars sound muffled, the drums sound too loud, and Chris’ vocals could be a bit louder. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong..

  • allegra

    Just one word: AMAZING.
    I’ve just hit “play” for the 7th? 8th? time and I can’t stop. WAAAAY better than BATL – which is, by the way, very good!

  • Luke

    lmao are you kidding me brett? you are fucking dumb this song kills everything they’ve released since 2010 including black rain

  • pa

    This song fucking kicks ass!!! I agree Luke, everyones entitled to there own opinion but how in the world would u say live to rise is better. I just don’t see it and I like that song for what it was.

  • Dave

    A song by Ben & Kim – sweet…Chris does a nice job with the lyrics.
    Once you can sing along with the song and learn the lyrics, it will rock even harder….

  • whathappenedtoSG

    I actually liked Black Rain a lot, the riff was cool and the song had an interesting hook. This new song is god awful. Why are these people saying it’s “amazing”, are you seriously out of your mind? I can’t believe it! the vocal melody in this song is so annoying, repetitive. the guitar riffs sound really, really STALE. Brett, I agree with this other guy, expect MORE from your favorite bands and call it like it is! these new songs are TERRIBLE!!!!

  • Shadow on the Sun

    @Unfortunate SG

    I can admit that i truly enjoy these songs. I’m not trying to gloss over any other emotions or mask how i feel.
    I will admit that batl is a good song, not a great song.

    I guess i’m curious as to your “tired riffs”. Kim is a unique talent that has no comparison. Ive never heard a song in the last 18yrs of being an sg fan where i was like “this sounds like sg” or man that guy is totally ripping off Kim. Ive never heard anything similar to what he puts out and Non-state actor holds the same wow factor for me.
    The 2nd time i listened to this song, it was tenfold better than the first time. Bands like Soundgarden and Tool are built for repeated listens.

    If you think Cornell’s voice is shot or strained, i highly suggest downloading his acoustic shows. He still hits the high notes on say hello to heaven and the wail he unleashes during fell on black days will give you chills. Singing over top of a full, super loud band is not something that suits his voice consistently at the age of 49. I can’t hold that against him.

  • Alternadude

    Oceania lot better of course.

    My ranking is exact opposite to Bret’s.

  • Legend

    Chris is still the best singer regardless of what any of us say. Just check out Lollapolooza Slaves and Bulldozers! Oh, and why is Chris Cornell so indebted to us that he needs to lose his singing vox for a loooong time all because he was OBLIGED to hit a clear upper 4th Octave wail? Exactly. You try singing like he can now. You probably cant even sing like a 70 year old Chris Cornell. I know i cant sing at all. Oscilation of my voice is not my thing. It is CCs thing.

  • Staley_Forever

    This song kicks major ass and is much better than Live to rise or Been away to long. Cornell’s vocals are not going to be the strength of this album as I have said before. The musicianship is going to take the cake on this record for sure. I am really looking forward to Rowing and Bones of Birds. SG fans need to relax and they also need to stop trying to hype this album up too much due to the fact that It will not be the greatest album they have ever done but in saying that, I am quite certain it will still be quite good.


    Music was so much simpler before the internet. Now, everybody previews the album song by song, and feels the need to provide immediate judgment and feedback.

    Dudes, this song is awesome, as was BATL. They are both classic, rocking SG songs. They are fierce and furious in every way imaginable.

    Maybe you like them more than previous SG material. Maybe they’re not as great.

    But these songs are new and they fucking rock.

    So shut the fuck up and enjoy them, you ungrateful nerds!!!

    What the hell were you expecting???

  • Pete

    Sounds good to me!

    I never pass final judgment on a song til I listen to it for a couple months.

  • YUMM

    Music is good Cornell is meh. didnt the pearl jam guys say the album was gonna be revolutionary or something like that? Not even close

  • Dreux

    I love “Applebite”. What’s wrong with you CagedTiger?

  • Alex

    My faith in humanity slips further and further away when reading through the comments section on this site. If some of you don”t understand why… well, that just proves my reasoning.

  • Andrei

    I keep comparing it to the songs off Black Gives Way To Blue.

    So far, even the weakest track off BGWTB, which is Take Her Out, blows these two out of the water.

  • Andrei

    In fact, after what we heard so far, it would be an insult to Jerry and the guys to compare BGWTB to what Soundgarden put out lately.

  • Raj

    Pretty cool, one thing I will say is that the vocals sound different. It’s like Chris is straining and there’s a hollow echo. There seems to be similarities to Live to Rise but I also feel it sounds a lot like Audioslave.

  • Mr. Spiderman

    This is the tiiiiiiiitz. I dunno how anyone can like Live to Rise though.

  • Kirill

    IMHO heres how I rate these new Soundgarden songs.

    Non-State Actor – 4.5/5 <– great lyrics, upbeat and has got 4/5 vocals
    Been Away Too Long – 4/5 <– fast/short has got some good hooks but lacks the darkness
    Live to Raise – 3.5/5 <– very mediocre song, just like the whole soundtrack

    I have also realize that ppl here are waiting for some miricle return of 1991 and that somehow by some chance this album will redefine music. Aint gonna happen, just treat SG as SG they are writing music from their prospective and for themselves and if fans dont like it, its their problem. heres a quote from Nirvana's front man, Kurt Cobain on his 1993 yet unreleased In Utero, "Of course, they want another Nevermind, but I'd rather die than do that. This is exactly the kind of record I would buy as a fan, that I would enjoy owning."[51]

  • muttlegs

    Non-State Actor sounds like it has been infected by Audioslave.

    I would like to hear Live to Rise in a different guise. Louder and more aggressive.

    I like some of the older SG stuff that was not so instantly gratifying but would show its true quality with repeated listening. Maybe Soundgarden should record an album under another name which disregarded the pressures of immediacy and pandering to people that have no attention span.

    I will have to listen to the LP front to back to have an proper opinion. Jury’s out…

  • Tom

    I like it and I think its one of the catchiest yet low end rocking things I’ve heard since Rhinosaur. Other than an indulgent wah-wah break how is this less rocking than Rhinosaur? I just can’t see how the argument can even be made.

    The production isn’t as good as DOTU to me, I’ll give you that, and yeah Cornell can’t wail quite the same, but this song is good and to call it awful just reaks of sourpuss. They will never do anything like Slaves & Bulldozers or Gun again – get over it. We’ll get a diverse group of songs with less intense guitar tones and vocals – period. That’s just not them anymore.

    No more uber brooding 5-7 minute epics. It ain’t comin… and I can live with that.

    Now I’d agree that AIC’s last album hit me in a much more powerful way as compared to what I’ve heard of King Animal so far, but Birds of Bones, as a Black Hole Sun-esque power ballad track seems promising, as well as some others. Again though, this is as heavy as they’re likely to get. I can live with that, but I know some people can’t. They could’ve gone for a Mastadon-ish guitar tone on this track and sounded twice as heavy or double tracked the rhythm guitars on each side to fatten the tone considerably, but they’re not going the super heavy route anymore. This reminds me more of something Rush might’ve had on their last album Clockwork Angels, though less progressive.. which works for me and I’m looking forward to King Animal with a lot more excitement specifically after listening to Non-State Actor. Coming from someone whose favorite SG tracks are Slaves & Bulldozers, Like Suicide, Holy Water and Rusty Cage I don’t lie to myself about what I like. If others don’t like it, that’s cool. But it’s hardly awful.

  • Is he one?

    It’s not bad. Not jawdropping(?) or anything though, I expected to have my ass kicked more than that. But still excited for the album.

    I don’t have the huge excitement feeling I had with Oceania, Black gives way to blue or even Oceania.

  • Nick

    First off before I start I want to say that we are all allowed to state our own opinions, just because you don’t agree with what someone else thinks about the song doesn’t mean you can jump down their throat and tell them they are stupid etc. And secondly if you don’t like what people have to say about the song don’t read the comments section.

    Now that that is out of the way I want to say that this song is okay, its nothing memorable, but its a step up from been away to long. I think it has a little more substance and a better hook, but its still more on the generic side. Now we have only heard 3 new soundgarden songs and only 2 of them are on the albums, so hopefully these are not an idication of the entire album, but that might be wishful thinking.

    It just seems like these songs are missing the unique qualities that made a soundgarden song a soundgarden song. They sound to generic and radio friendly and I am a bit afraid that this might be what the entire album sounds like. If that is the case it will be an average album in general, not an average soundgarden album, but just an average album. Only time will tell, but they are releasing these songs from us to listen to and digest and judge and so far it seems like a lot of people are not thrilled including myself.

  • Ruth-N

    Agreed with El coyote…
    Can’t stand all this judgement and comparison with stuff that is not comparable (BGWTB… Oceania, pff seriously?)
    I Discovered Soundgarden with BMF. When I bought Superunknown, my reaction after the first listening was “well, I didn”t expected that”.
    After listening more & more, It became a masterpiece.
    Idem with DOTU.
    Soundgarden are amazing musicians and their songs, that can be complexes, need many listening to get into it. If it’s too complex for you, ok, then go listen to Corgan.
    You are judging One song! The album is a whole. Just wait King Animal & listen to it from the first track to the last one.
    I like Non-State Actor. And I’m sure I will like more and I’m sure that it will be the perfect bridge between BATL & BCS.

  • covercrap

    Its an okay song. A little bit heavier but still close to radio friendly. Please don’t tell me they re-recorded Bleed Together 12 times on this album. Don’t really care for the lyrics. Kind of obvious, especially this year. ben wrote the music on this? he’s writing a lot like he did on the last one. So did Kim actually write any music or is just these insipid lyrics?

  • Tastes Grungey

    It’s not bad, but doesn’t really go anywhere. This one could have benefited from a classic SG trippy breakdown in the bridge instead of the Cornell echoes. Good to hear some screams from Chris. Anyone complaining about his vocals needs to realize that the man is 48 years old. He’s not gonna sound like Badmotorfinger Chris.

    Overall, I like it more than BATL, but it’s just an alright song. I’m hoping that they wanted to release two of the more commercial (weaker) songs online before the album comes out.

    LTR 4/10
    BATL 5/10
    NSA 6/10

  • Is he one?

    Seriously, am I the only one who feels puzzled about Soundgarden’s new flag!? I mean, is it just a coincidence with the SP Zeitgeist flag? SO similar.

  • Blind Lemon

    Ive gave this song a few listen to and I gotta say! its already grown on me….I know where they were trynna go with it! and I love it!

  • http://smellslikeinfinitesadness.com Smells Like Infinite Sadness

    Andrei, I think BGWTB was a great comeback record. I think the recent ‘Oceania’ is also a good comeback. But this I’m afraid sounds on par with STP’s last release. Very middle of the road and lacking hard edges. I wan’t to like it, I REALLY do, but it’s going to have to magically grow on me quick, coz right now it’s just lacking. Bummer. I shall however, wait to hear the full album, over several listens before final judgment.

  • CagedTiger

    Wow, that was average :-/
    I’m sure there will be much better songs than this on the album though… Wish they’d have leaked something else but what can ya do? Whole album will leak in a few days anyway…

  • Raúl

    I have been following SG since their beginnings and, although I was a little bit disappointed with BATL, I have to say that I really like this one. If this is way the album will follow, it will be a great one.

  • DayvanCowboy

    Between this full song, (which I feel has a good chorus,) and by crooked steps, the songs thus far sound to me like a rocked up zeppelin album. Especially by crooked steps. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  • Sirhc

    2:48 probably the baddest thing i’ve heard in years …. goosebumbs big time

  • SuperSG

    I have returned!

    I am needed because I have ignorant people to smack with a baseball bat of understanding! Smells like Infinite Sadness, that was a foolish statement, go listen to Taree. Caged Tiger, I actually agree with you.


  • CaptainKangarooPimp

    I don’t understand how people don’t like this track. Its my favourite so far. Chorus is killer.