• Crazies

    They became too poppy and soft for my likes..

  • Paul Kneitz

    Sunset Sleeps is amazing.

  • Nicole Malczan

    These are both fantastic!

  • Martin

    I dislike the new peppers so much. Give’em some heroin for god’s sake. Plus all the annoy fans that only like their poppy tunes. OMFG hate those fuckers. They slam OHM and Dave and everything pre BSSM. Oh and they love John. I used to love RHCP but the new fans and this poppy BS new music takes me farther away from them. They should just call it quits man. And what’s up with Anthony’s vocals? they such much right now 🙁

  • http://www.youtube.com/limowrecker Limowrecker

    I’ve loved the RHCP since I first heard them in the 80’s and while I was worried about this latest album and the change in dynamic with a new guitarist – I’ve absolutely loved it. Josh slots in perfectly and his style and ear for melody/harmony has brought something new and beautiful. Not better mind you – John Frusciante remains a guitar legend in my eyes and with the other guys has made some of the best music of my generation, but Josh is different and exciting. I love ‘I’m with You’.

  • me

    great songs. josh has refreshed the band so much!